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Abzu, Away: Journey to the unexpected, Pure Pool



See alot of people getting abzu.. whats it about and how good is it?



Well, I've had Endless Ocean in my Amazon wishlist for ages and it's always been too expensive. I wish I hadn't got rid of it back in the day. Anyway, for £1.49 I thought it might scratch that itch.

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@NintendoByNature Abzu is not about very much I don't think. Not much of a game, more just an underwater exploration experience.

I bought it in the current sale and deleted it after 5 minutes as, although the controls were fine, the game was doing nothing for me and there's not really any water effects so it wasn't very immersive. Storage space couldn't be justified.

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Zombie Invasion mode for Zaccaria Pinball



Mother Russia Bleeds
Star Wars Jedi Knight
Star Wars Jedi Knight II

Switch Physical Collection - 673 games (as of November 28th, 2020)
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I got Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on sale a few days ago.

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Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade
Darius Cozmic Collection Console
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
Elliot Quest

Switch Physical Collection - 673 games (as of November 28th, 2020)
Currently playing: Va-11 Hall-A (Switch)
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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
Saints Row IV
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
RPG Maker
Mostly buying cheap xbox/ps games right now. But getting a few Switch gems.

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Star Renegades
The Last Campfire
The Coma 1 & 2

  • Always had them on my watchlist and recently got them.
    Haven't played them yet but planning on doing so once I finish Trials of Mana
    I also bought a few months ago The Kingdom Hearts - The Story so Far - Collection alongside Kingdom Heart 3 for a total of 40€.

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Abzu is amazing, beautiful game

Recently re-downloaded Riptide Renegade GP, had it on offer afew years back and had a small memory card so didn't really play it but now I have memory im playing it

Love it, its like Wave Race meets SSX Tricky, the campaign is very long and im nowhere near done, a must buy inmy opinion



Bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally yesterday, I'm loving every second of it so far.
Age of Calamity would be on the list also, but the store didn't get their deliveries on time so it'll have to wait next month....

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Picked up Bayonetta 2. Great game. Love playing it.

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Got Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity a few hours ago. Can't believe Walmart didn't have it yesterday so I obtain it from another store. Oh well, one day of difference isn't a big deal.

Undergoing games:
Zelda BotW (playing it)
Fire Emblem Awakening (playing it)
Octopath Traveler (on hiatus)
Hyrule Warriors DE (on hiatus)
Zelda Phantom Hourglass (on hiatus)


I just recently found an Animal Crossing Switch so I’m finally starting my Switch gaming.
So far I’ve picked up or have ordered the following:
Abzu - eShop
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Katamari Damacy REROLL
LEGO Worlds
Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Luigi’s Mansion 3
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD - eShop
Plus the free online games



Pre-ordered Immortal Fenyx Rising. Waiting/hoping for Pikman 3 sale. Strongly considering Outer Worlds for $30.



Picked up the bioshock collection for 20 bucks. 2 hours in and I’m enjoying it so far.

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@Jbarnes101 Someone is ready for winter

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WoomyNNYes wrote:

@Jbarnes101 Someone is ready for winter

Lol Indeed, between the new Switch and starting to reacquire the GameCube collection I once had I should be good for a while. First though I’m going to go sit on a beach in Florida for a week and thought the Switch would be great for the plane and vacation.



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