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You like it, though, @komodo182 .... ? Going on to 2 & 3?

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@BruceCM It was fun. Not sure I will ever replay it. Will probably pick up 2. Currently playing that free racing game asphalt.

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Just defeated Heliodor Castle boss after being sent there by the king....

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Nearly finally finished the demo. I know because if you try and leave a certain point on the map, it tells you "this is where the demo ends", lol.

Still dunno if I'll buy it on Switch or just get the PS4 version for a third of the price. I don't think the orchestrated music is really that much better than the midi stuff.

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What about all the other extras like story though?


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Are the prices worth the amount of content?
Wich one is the best?
Of 1, 2, 3,

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3, @DenDen ... It's the 1st where you can change party members. It's about twice the size of 2, it has less grinding & difficulty spikes

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@Dezzy, the Switch version adds:

  • New story content that you play through as the other members of your party, around midway through the main story.
  • New optional dungeons taken from past games in the series.
  • the 2D mode.
  • A photo mode (replaces the first person view that's in the PS4 version).
  • Party members now visibly follow you in the overworld sections.
  • the ability to marry any of your party members in post game, rather than just Gemma as in the PS4 version.
  • the orchestrated soundtrack.
  • Japanese VA (the original release only had English VA).

I think the only thing the Switch version is really missing out on is the target shooting minigame/sidequest, but that's more than a fair trade considering all the new stuff it got.

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@RR529 I'm aware these were probably copy and pasted from a source but I have a couple of those bullet points to address:

RR529 wrote:

  • New story content that you play through as the other members of your party, around midway through the main story.

This is limited. One character's episode can only be undertaken in the final act. 2 characters don't have an episode at all. If it just said "other members" I'd have no objection but "the other members" implies everyone so that's misleading.

RR529 wrote:

  • ...the ability to marry any of your party members in post game, rather than just Gemma as in the PS4 version.

Though she is still the only one you technically marry. The game refers to it as "sworn companion" and the status of that depends on the relationship, whether it be with Erik as best friends, etc. All of them get a scene on the Tor, all of them move into your house and get a commemorative picture on the wall but only one will refer to such things as wedding vows.

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Another good addition on the Switch is that you can control what outfit they wear, independently of its stats. I appreciate features like that. It's really annoying finding a really strong suit of armour that just looks crap.

StableInvadeel wrote:

Maybe you could just wait for this version to go down in price.

Or wait to see if they add the extras to the PS4 version as DLC, which they said they might. I do slightly prefer having better graphics over portability for a game like this.

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Got Rab back & on our way to find the rest of the party....

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I couldn't play the PS4 version after experiencing the orchestrated soundtrack (the MIDI-sounding versions of several of the tracks are really bad; I understand why so many people playing on PS4 complained about it so much) and QoL updates in this version.

Anyway, I'm on my way to finding the final orb right now in Sniflheim, I believe it's called. Nearing 40 hours of playtime.

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Quite a few of the tracks are completely fine in MIDI as well though. I did hear a couple of terrible ones though, yes.

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@Dezzy Unfortunately, the exploration themes don't sound good. The one when you're exploring on land is just grating, but it sounds gorgeous with the real instruments. Not sure why. The boat theme, on its own, sounds fine in MIDI form, but I can't enjoy it at all after hearing the orchestrated version, which is gorgeous and really brings it to life.

The sillier, bouncier music sounds alright either way. I mean, obviously it sounds a good deal better with real instruments, but it's not too bad with the MIDI tracks either.

The music that plays during emotional parts is SO MUCH nicer in orchestrated form. It really pulls me into the scene. The MIDI version isn't bad on its own, but it's not nearly as engaging.

Music is a big part of games for me. It has a way bigger impact than slightly downgraded visuals.

Of course, if you have a decent PC, you can play DQXI with higher res visuals, a higher framerate, and with a mod that adds in the orchestrated music. It doesn't have the other points I like in the Switch version (QOL upgrades and portability, mainly), but it beats the pants off the PS4 version.



@Ralizah how long do you think you will put into the game?

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@scubydo Depends on how long it is. If I'm right and I'm nearing the halfway point, though, I could easily see myself pumping 100+ hours into this. Of course, I'm doing as much side stuff as I can, so if you want to just blast through with a faster playthrough, you could probably finish it in 60-ish hours.

Either way, it's one big hunk of JRPG goodness.



Idk where I’m at in the game. I’ve been bouncing between this, Ori and the Blind Forest, Yooka-Laylee Impossible Lair, Sniper Elite 3, and even some What Remains of Edith Finch and Taiko Drum Master. Because it’s on Switch, I’ve been hopping in for 15-20 min at work here and there, and at home, since it’s so quick to go in and out of sleep mode.

Think I’m just outside Gondolia. Which, I have a ton of hours put into the game for only being this far. Even moreso given the demo which was another 5+ hrs not being accounted for.

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