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General discussion for doom 3 thread.

I caved and bought all 3 Dooms despite the DRM. Saw some comments in the articles about doom 1 and 2 being playable offline after a single log in. So far so good.

Doom 3 is still downloading but I'm a bit concerned by the different log in warning on it. "Some content and features require a Bethesda account to access" or something along those lines....what content is locked? I hope it's not playing offline.. I was hoping to play doom 3 on a plane journey I have coming up.

Edit: it's downloaded now, I tried the first and third games in flight mode. It told me to turn it off but otherwise both games seem unaffected....

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From what I’ve read you can just press b when prompted to log in in Doom 3 and it’ll take you back to the game, no log in required



It's funny, I shouldn't be at all surprised this game is on Switch. The thing already has far more complex and harder to run games. But there's something about it having Doom 3 that's crazy.

I remember reading PC gaming magazines in the mid 2000s (remember those?). Issues with $3000+ gaming builds showing off the best hardware. And Doom 3 was THE game to show off what could be done. And now it's on a portable console and we're... not losing our s*** about it. How far we have come!

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@skywake : 2004 was a great year for PC gaming. I'm not a fan of Half Life 2, but I remember that also being released that year, as well as obviously Doom 3 and The Sims 2.

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@skywake for real! I had it on the pc back then but never had a pc that could capably play it, like many of my other PC games.

Didn't get a good way through it until the BFG edition on PS3 so I'm hoping this time is the charm and I'll finally finish it. I do love it though, the puzzles and the horror. I know people said it wasn't very doom like but it was just a really good game and a good evolution of Doom.

@Silly_G half life 2 was another thing I played on PS3 orange box, another great game, same thing, great puzzles, platforming all in a first person shooter!


I've bought this along with Doom and Doom II, the only two PC games that defined my childhood. I've noticed that those two have a "cheats" menu, recognizing that the cheat codes enabled a very specific play style and way of enjoying the games. I am interested in playing Doom 3 the same way. For FPS games I'm simply unable to enjoy playing if I'm bound by restraints - including a too heavy emphasis on story - for the entirety of the game.

Does anyone know of a way to use cheats in Doom 3 on Switch? Or do you know of any easter eggs or similar experiences?




I bought a Switch, and the next day these OG Dooms were released for it. Been really enjoying the first one with the Switch controls, will most likely buy 2 once I beat 1, and 3 after I beat



I thought I'd change the topic to include all 3 Dooms as we probably don't need one for each game....

I've been playing the first one and boy it still gives me the willies 26 years later, I have to take breaks from it just for the sake of my heart! It's the combination of skulls flying out at you and not having saved enough so you have to repeat the stressful experience.

I think I only played through the shareware version back in the day so chapter 2 is alot scarier for me than the first chapter!


Doom 3 is all full of fright imo. It's so dark and no matter where you turn, there's always someone spawning right behind you. Much like you said about doom 1. I can only play it for no more than 1.5-2 hours at a pop and that's because I'm on edge the entire time lol



Bought all of them today.
Im in for a challenge!

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@skywake Well, if we're going by high end PC gaming rigs as a bench mark, then the only natural conclusion that we can come to, is that the next classic shooter to arrive on the Switch, will be Crysis...

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Doom 1&2 just got an update anybody know what they do?


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@BacklogBlues From the Bethesda Twitter:
"We’ve deployed a patch for the re-releases of DOOM and DOOM II, which now adds an option to skip the Bethesda net login requirement and removes the disconnect notification during gameplay."

And then followed by:
"We are working on a more permanent fix to further reduce the visibility of the optional login. We do not have an estimated release just yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we can. Thank you for your feedback!"

And then they replied as to why it's even an option to begin with:
"The login option is included for the Slayers Club, to reward members for playing the classic DOOM games... more on that in the near future!"

Can confirm the disconnect notification is gone. I put my Switch to sleep with Doom running, came back to it and didn't get any notifications about it.

This is the sort of thing you'd expect to find on the news page of a site like this, considering they headlined it being an issue and put it in both reviews.

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I know it bothered allot of people and I'm not trying to be on my high horse or anything but the skipping the login thing really didn't bother me. Just had to press cancel 2 or 3 times in 15 to 20 seconds. Sure it's a couple extra steps but it didn't really seem like an issue at least when I would play doom 2. Doom 3 was just 1 step quicker it seemed but both were seem less enough



@NintendoByNature The login didn't bother me too much either as I had an account anyway, I think it was greatly blown out of proportion. However, the repeated pop up when there was a connection interruption was a bit bothersome. But certainly not enough to get into a rage or boycott it over. Was just annoying to have to reset the game after sleep mode.



@Cotillion yea I guess I can see that being annoying. That never happened to me though, oddly enough. I actually did have doom3 crash on me 2 times, Maybe 3 which was more of an issue imo.

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So, I got some eShop credit for my birthday and want to get the DOOMs... but I feel like a sale is coming. With DOOM Eternal coming in a month and a half, I feel they will go on sale when Eternal releases. Should I wait?

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@DefHalan maybe Doom 3 could have a small price cut, but Doom 1 and 2 are 5 bucks each, I highly doubt they'll drop the price any more than that. (These aren't loaded with microtransactions to make up the $ loss like most games that go on crazy sale)

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