Topic: Whats your Avatar?

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Mine's the male protagonist from Persona 3 (Minato Arisato). Possibly about to say, "You chained your nose to your face so you wouldn't lose it." Best quote ever!

Is this the real life? No, it is all just a dream.
Old games are usually the best.
Old music is usually the best.
Old consoles are usually the best.
Seeing a theme here?



Currently Playing: Pokemon Legends Arceus/Shield
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Splatoon 2
Balloon Fight/Donkey Kong Country
Currently performing a summoning circle for a 2nd Ace Attorney Trilogy
446/488 in Brilliant Diamond Nat Dex
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Mine is Goemon, from the artwork on the vinyl soundtrack of "The Legend of the Mystical Ninja", that was released in 2020.


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