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I like Mega Man 9 and Galaxy's Man's stage was one of my favorite levels in the game.

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Mine is a koopa from SMB1. I thought it was cool so I use it. BTW nice avatar @WhoKnew.

I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.


I was too lazy to add my own avatar so I let Corbie take care of it for me. It's Jay from Jay & Silent Bob which suits me just fine considering I'm SilentJ. Thanks again, Corbie!

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Luigi from Super Mario Bros. 3 is my avatar.



Mine is Superfrog from.... Superfrog, one of my favorite Amiga games from my childhood.


Mine is a litlle yellow ninja from Ninjatown, I loved the game, I love martial arts, ninjas are pretty cool and yellow is the colours of my home town rugby and football tops.



My avatar is me. I am holding a Wii Remote and pointing it towards the camera. I am going to shoot you.


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Mine is the "Hierophant" Arcana from Persona 3/FES/4. I chose that since that Arcana fits me the best. ("The Hierophant" stands for education, looking to a knowledgeable leader, religion, and standing with the norm ond law. Also, a hierophant can be one who looks into things and gives his opinion about such.)

Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


Mine is a boy and his blob (currently in parachute form), taken from a screenshot of the upcoming, long-awaited sequel by Way Forward.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


Mine is the Meta Knight!!!!!

The picture is from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the second best Wii game. (1st is Galaxy!)

Tomena Sanner: Because dancing businessmen are awesome.


i just changed mine again to hopefully what i'll end up using for a while. it's the chick from the second case in PW: Trials and Tribulations; my husband and I had a good lol over her because we share the same given name and she's kinda pushy, too. :3

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Its Kirby that swallowed up the Merchant from RE4, and it was designed by Scott from VGCats. Ever since, I have used this avatar all over, been my overall favorite. Plus, I like my lil pink puff in a scary look.



Mine is Gregg the foul-mouthed grim reaper from the Conker games.

Plain old gamer :)


I don't like this thread. It ruined my illusion, that Corbie is a cool looking skeleton in Real Life, that writes reviews with a scythe. Now I am forced to believe that he is just an ordinary man. It is sometimes disappointing to know too much.



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