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@CanisWolfred: This is Rukia after the Aizen arc. She looks a bit different, so maybe that's why you were confused.


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Pearl, my favorite of the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe (though I adore all of them).

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That guy who embarrassed himself in front of thousands at e3 2008



Awesome concept art of Impa for Hyrule Warriors.


So Anakin kneels before Monster Mash and pledges his loyalty to the graveyard smash.


Captain Falcon running into Fox and Wolf while carrying the Blue Falcon on his shoulders...what?

There is nothing here...except for the stuff I just typed...

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Marie, one of the Squid Sisters from Splatoon.
She may not look it but she's blushing since so many people are giving Nintendo's new IP (and her) so much attention.

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Sybil from Transistor. I really love simple yet elegant designs. They really appeal to me.

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Sonic from the short film, Sonic: Night of the Werehog. He looks so cute!

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It's an Octoling. Plus a banner that says Iwata on it as a tribute.

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It's this popular gag created from Pokémon Fusion: Untitled
revamped to squid-kid form for Splatoon.

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Well now that the Holidays are over I am retiring my Christmas Avatar till next year. Now I have Reaper from Overwatch as my Avatar.

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Some Christmas artwork of InuYasha & Kagome.

I should probably change it now that it's January, but I'll probably slack off...

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It's an an angry (american?) Kirby from Canvas Curve. I really liked the game, it controlled very well for a touchscreen only game and I loved the aesthetic. The music gives more of a melancholic feel to the game.

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