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Every console I have ever owned has been made by Nintendo but yet I don't really like Zelda that much.


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I think the average game length should be 3-5 hours, and the average game development/retail cost should be much lower

I think that video game soundtracks should have the same recognition as mainstream music. It should be illegal for composers to work for free.

I haven't played a single Genesis game which wasn't deeply flawed in one way or another

I think game developers should acknowledge the fact that gaming is male dominated as a huge problem which is their duty to solve. This goes for both cleaning up the online community as well has having proper representation in games.

I think making sequels is a silly idea, unless they're sequels in name only like the Final Fantasy series. Plots which span 5+ games aren't worth the effort.

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Jollykarp wrote:

I think game developers should acknowledge the fact that gaming is male dominated as a huge problem which is their duty to solve. This goes for both cleaning up the online community as well has having proper representation in games.

This will continue to be an issue until the gender imbalance in STEM fields is addressed. People build what they know, and when 90% of your studio is male you're going to get male-oriented products. I do agree that doesn't make the current situation any less annoying, especially when you consider that current demographics place the female portion at roughly 43% of the current gaming player base.

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Ocarina of Time is one of the worst Zelda games.
People with a bad case of nostalgia don't know what 'timeless' means.

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Sadly I probably wont be buying the next Smash Bros. games because the roster is stuffed with random Pokémon.

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  • I hate the shift to blockbuster games, find 99% of dialogue in games boring (meaning it's better off removed) and wish they'd stop trying with movie-like plots. Instead, if you absolutely have a to tell a story, build the story into the gameplay (see: Metroid Prime and Journey).
  • I also wish 90% of games were more stylised, rather than aiming for photo-realistic.

Western games are the worst offenders of both of these, though Japanese do often have completely ridiculous and nonsense storylines.

Going along with what Geonjaha said:

  • New iterations of franchises are almost always better than the older ones. There is no way in which Ocarina of Time is better than Skyward Sword, the only possible reason people would think so is because of nostalgia.

Somewhat agreeing with Jollykarp:

  • 30+ hour games are nonsense, if you have that much development time, use it on making the hours of gameplay you already have more varied.

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Sonic the Hedgehog was never good to begin with

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Street Fighter 4 is kind of overrated.

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I actually enjoy playing Call of Duty with my friends (some Nintendo fans think the game is Satan-spawn or something).

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I never race as Captain Falcon in the original F-Zero. Since I got the game in 1990, I've been racing exclusively in the Fire Stingray. In fact, I don't think I've ever selected any of the other racers.



To go along with some of the other comments here, I liked Metroid: Other M too. The gameplay is my favorite in any Metroid game. It was fast, smooth, and sometimes intense. I'd love to play a sequel with the intensity turned up to the max, and with the pro controller (because the controls were pretty bad. So was MP3 though) or using the gamepad to aim in those missile sequences. For me, I have more fun with Other M than Metroid prime 3 and Hunters (The only prime games I've played), because the cutscenes looked cool, and who really cares about the story in a Metroid game anyway?

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> I think Square Enix is an Overrated RPG company that Only focuses mostly on it's ego and Atlus is a much better subsitute.

  • Agree

> I find Genwunners are nothing compared to people who keep Begging for a Pokemon Gen 3 Remakes and 'Pokemon Emerald' is the only main gen 3 game that should be Remade anyways...Not that Gen 3 is already overrated to me already...

  • I like Pokemon, but I don't get the hardcore fan base. Each new iteration brings a new map and new critters...why do people want remakes?

> I like the NSMB series

  • I think most people ultimately do, but there is a fatigue setting in with the number and frequency of releases

> I don't care for FPSs

  • I like them okay, but there is a fatigue and oversaturation that makes NSMB sequels seem sparse in comparison



bezerker99 wrote:

I never race as Captain Falcon in the original F-Zero. Since I got the game in 1990, I've been racing exclusively in the Fire Stingray. In fact, I don't think I've ever selected any of the other racers.


Wow, just wow. Even I don't have that hard devotion to Goroh. Yes, the Fire Stingray is my favourite machine, but there's nothing wrong in racing with other machines now and then, mate. I actually quite like the Golden Fox too.

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Here's my unpopular opinion:

> Super Mario 64 is a great game, but it's so over-rated and colored with nostalgia glasses. While running freely around a sparse, mostly lifeless castle was cool, the gameplay itself is nothing compared to the epic innovation in Galaxy. Of course 64 had to happen first in order to lead us to Galaxy, but I think of it like the original Super Mario bros. trilogy on NES. While the original Super Mario Bros. is iconic and great in it's own right, it took Nintendo to Super Mario Bros. 3 to create something truly timeless and fleshed out in a 2d platforming world.



-I strongly dislike any Sonic the Hedgehog game. They've just never been for me.
-I was okay with the ending of Mass Effect 3. Sure, the ending could have been far better and included something more than what we got, but I didn't feel the need to waste energy on freaking about it. The extended cut made things a little better though.
-I think car games are boring. Things like Gran Turismo and Forza can't hold my attention
-I've been playing Borderlands for the first time after years of being told by my friends to play it, and I feel like the game is completely overrated
-I don't like the Elder Scrolls games, I feel like I'm wasting so much time in them
-I hate JRPGs and turn based games (other than Pokemon for some reason)
-I don't like the shift we're seeing towards realistic graphics and whatnot. They don't age well, and isn't the point of a game to escape reality?
-I play and enjoy sports games. I don't buy the new one every year, but I do enjoy them every now and again. I like playing the career mode in Fifa especially
-I like the Lego games
-Ocarina of Time is not the best Zelda game. People are blinded by their own nostalgia.

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Cool topic. I've definitely seen some opinions I agree with completely, and others I do not. But that is why they are opinions.

-I saw it mentioned previously in the topic and I agree that the Metroid Prime games had much better controls on the Gamecube. I hated the motion controls for part three.
-I can't stand the Metal Gear Solid games.
-Final Fantasy 6 is nothing special. I don't find it very interesting and I don't like the characters. I felt the same about Chrono Trigger when I played it, but want to give that another chance as I haven't played it as much.
-I despise Zelda Twilight Princess. It felt like one of the most padded games I've played.
-To me, Zelda as a series is just okay. Even A Link to the Past is a game I can only take in small doses and don't want to play much. A lot of what is considered to be the best SNES games don't appeal to me.
-Okami was disappointing to me. I do not understand all the praise it has gotten.
-Voice acting, even when done well, usually makes a game worse. I'd rather play the game than listen to it. Games have gotten too dialogue heavy as it is.



I hate cinematic cutscenes. I prefer reading text.

Edit. The story line in the mass effect games bore me to death

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As many have stated, Metroid Other M was quite good.

I LOVED Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. It's my favorite DS game.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn was a great game...I'm not sure where all the hate comes from...

Skyrim is not that good. Oblivion was so much better.



Again i love other m, it being the only game in the series that ive played through to completion twice.
I prefer the style of 3d world to 64, so a linear, 2-d orientated experience.
I think SM64 and Skyrim is over-rated.
I would prefer Greninja to King K.Rool in Sm4sh.

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