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@WoomyNNYes I'm glad that Waititi is directing it, since he also directed Thor: Ragnarok, one of my favorite Marvel movies. I think he could add an interesting spin to the ever-so-dull feel that the movies have had lately.

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It didn't feel budget to me. As for the music: The score is done by John williams, not by someone else. And his Kenobi theme is pretty good in my opinion. But why they didn't use beloved Starwars themes I don't know. It didn't bother me. They don't have to use the old themes all the time in my opinion.

As for Obi-wan not finishing the job: It wasn't very wise of him, but I guess he was so shocked about what Darth said. He just felt no honor in killing him, as weird as that may sound. Besides he felt he was more needed elsewhere. That's how I felt it anyway.


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