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Howdy. Been watching this site for news for a while now so I thought I'd join. I'm a 30 yo male who grew up with a PS1/PS2 and GBC/GBA but I stopped keeping up with new releases for a decade (I kept playing PS2 games mostly). My PS2 died during the pandemic so I wanted to upgrade to a PS5 but due to the mayhem during the launch I ended up getting a Switch instead, and I'm so glad I did. Now I have a backlog that should last me until 2050.

Nice to meet you all and see you around here, then.



Hi friends! I've browsed this site for a long time and decided to make an account here. Nintendo games were such formative pieces of media to me, namely Paper Mario, Kirby and the Pikmin franchise! My fave console right now is the Nintendo Switch since I love how versatile it is and I love playing games on it while in bed. My fave Nintendo Switch games are BOTW, TOTK and Pikmin 4!



Hey there, everyone! I’m technically new here, but like many others, I’ve been lurking on this site for a while now. I like this place because it’s nicer than the other gaming sites. I’m a Dragon Quest and Splatoon fan, but I also like Zelda, Xenoblade, and other JRPGs!

I like Dragon Quest and Splatoon.

If you're reading this, I hope you have a good day!


I guess it's time I finally threw my hat in the ring. Hi, you guys can call me Nova! Much like many of the newer members, I've been a lurker for a really long time. I've never been one for conversation, it's never been my strong suit, but lurking for so long I knew it was only a matter of time before I finally caved and joined the site. I've never really been able to express passion for gaming anywhere else, so I look forward to putting that side out there and engaging with the community!

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Hi there, I am 34 and from Germany. First contact with gaming was the NES of older siblings and cousins. My first own hardware were Gameboy and SNES. I switched to Playstation in the PS1 era. In the early 2010s I came back to Nintendo (alongside Playstation). First with a DS Lite and a Wii, which I bought used for really cheap. Then later with New 3DS XL and Wii U.

For quite some time I am mostly interested in handheld gaming, retro games and indies. Therefore Switch is a great main device. Other than that I have a huge interest in homebrew gaming and emulation. I have several of those SBC handhelds and will soon be launching a website covering these topics.

For the last years I mostly surfed on German speaking websites. Even though they mostly just copy their news from Nintendofans and Nintendoeverything (so you have the same information, but less and often delayed) I stayed their just for the community.

My favorite German Nintendo community unfortunately lost some users. They where the majority of why I liked the community and are reason why I am now leaving. Since there are pretty much no other active German Nintendo communities I figured that I just can go to the English ones, where the forums aren't as dead and there is still some community left.



Liebe Grüße aus Bremen und herzlich willkommen bei Nintendo Life!

Greetings from Bremen and welcome to Nintendo Life!


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I haven't done this forum-thing since i was an annoying 14 year old spamming a forum over 20 years ago. I'm 37 now.
I'm a big fan of video games, anime and things like that. I've also started learning japanese for the past few years.

Nintendolife is my number one for gaming news. Not because i don't like other games than nintendo games, but i'm just casually following the rest, i guess, or something.

Some of my favorite video games are ICO, Monkey Island, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Mario Galaxy 2, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda Ocarina of time, Zelda Link's Awakening, Zelda Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy IX, YS II, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Donkey Kong Country 2, Disgaea, Phantom Brave, Etrian Odyssey, Suikoden, Atelier series (Played from Atelier Iris up to Atelier Ayesha). I really think the Atelier series is the most fun i've had with more modern jrpgs, and i also really like the music.
I also really love horror games like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, but i'm too scared to play them by myself.

Favorite anime: Gunbuster, Macross, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, Maria-sama ga mitteru, Bubblegum Crisis, Irresponsible Captain Taylor, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Magic User's Club, Princess Tutu, Read or Die, Princess Nine and many more.
Also love a lot of manga like Aria, BLAME, Aoi Hana, Wandering Son, Yotsuba, The Drifting Classroom, Uzumaki, Parasyte, Watamote.



Welcome! I hope you have a great time here.

I remember reading Blame! , many years ago. This manga is truly something else. What an atmosphere, with visually impressive locations.


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@Jhena Thank you! Yes! It truly is! I can't get myself to watch anything based on "Blame!" or Parasyte because i like the manga so, so much!



@Hompen Hi, welcome to Nintendo Life! I'm also huge into games, especially Nintendo games. I'm a huge fan of Super Mario (plus Mario Kart and Mario Party), Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, F-Zero, and Splatoon - those are at the top of my head. I've been into Nintendo since I was little, during the SNES and N64 days. I do watch anime sometimes too, Spirited Away is a fantastic movie.

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Thank you!

Spirited Away made a very big impression on me when it came out. Felt like the first time i really enjoyed a movie.
I too grew up on a LOT of mario-themed games.



I’m diamond, I joined today, this is my first post, was really hoping to find some people here that might have Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, it’s not got much of a active lobby that’s for sure teehee, hopefully I can have a look around the site and maybe find or create a thread and find someone to play with.

Pleasure to meet you all.

Diamond Dog.


@diamond_dog88 welcome!!
i own a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 too!!

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Hello everyone I’m not new but I am one of the older gamers here. I am 46 and my real name is Thomas. I have a OLED Switch currenty but I once had a switch lite. I also have been around long enough to experience the NES, gameboy, DS and Atari 2600, Pong and other things. I am happy to meet y’all. See ya around the forums.

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@ThatZeldaNerd thank you for the welcome 🙏 that’s cool you own the game, if you wanna play with a scrub like me hmu as I’d love the help 🤙

Also, hello @Atomic77 my favourite old school game has to be dragons lair 👌

Diamond Dog.


Hiya, I made an account a while back but never actually did anything with it. 35-year old guy from Belgium. I make professional video for a living, into playing music as well behind closed doors. And am an avid gamer. Mostly Nintendo games, the occasional other-console one, rarely something on Mac. I mostly enjoy RPG games and its music. Happy to be among my kind, so, hello!



@stubblegum Hey there, welcome to the site! We're pretty chill around here so I hope you enjoy your time on NLife; great to have you around!

Currently MIA for exams; see you all in a bit! o7
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