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Hey everyone! I recently beat the Zero Escape Trilogy on PC and thought it was a blast (although it hurt my brain trying to keep track of everything)! I know it would have been something I would have enjoyed on DS and 3DS, but I wasn't aware it existed until recently. That got me thinking about other video game trilogies I may have missed out on. So I thought why not see what trilogies really resonated with you all! My personal favorite trilogy is the Metroid Prime Trilogy, although I hopefully won't be able to say that soon if Metroid Prime 4 ever comes out!

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The original Ace Attorney Trilogy will probably always be my favourite.

On a side note, I'd love to see the Zero Escape games ported to Switch. I've played them all but it's been a long time so I wouldn't mind re-experiencing them.


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Ratchet & Clank Trilogy PS3

Sly Cooper Collection PS3

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Ninja Gaiden trilogy (Nes) Always loved these games! Played the first two so much as a kid!
Who ever did the box art really knew how to get a kids attention with awesome artwork!

DKC trilogy (If you've played em you know the rule!) I especially loved DKC 2!

Prince of persia sands of time trilogy. It's almost like an arabian Ninja Gaiden!

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The botw trilogy? After all, it will be a trilogy even though we haven't played botw 2 yet.



Great question. If I can’t cheat slightly, I would probably say the PS1 Final Fantasy trilogy of VII, VIII and IX. For me, that is probably still the peak Squaresoft era. Especially if you throw in Vagrant Story and FF Tactics.

I’d like to say Xenoblade Chronicles too, but I’ve never played X, so that would also be cheating.

Trilogies are tricky! If a game is good enough to get a third outing, they rarely stop there. But by the time I get to the third game, I’m usually burnt out on the format. For a perfect case in point, the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy (III, Vice City and San Andreas) showed the most amazing progression, with each game indisputably (IMO) better than the last - but I never finished San Andreas because I just grew tired of the format.

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Not a trilogy but since it was obviously designed to be one, ima say the Baten Kaitos duo. After that, Onimusha 1-3. Dawn of Dreams kinda broke that, but the story really wrapped up with 3.

I think I’ll second AA’s original trilogy. 5 is my favorite in the series and I haven’t beaten 6 yet (near the end!) so I won’t comment on that trilogy. Since I am doing narrative trilogies, let me also say Dragon Quest 4-6.

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I haven't played Metroid Prime 2 and 3 yet.

So until then, it's gotta be Mass Effect.

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Phoenix Wright, Metroid Prime and Mass Effect are all good shouts. Resident Evil and God of War are also great.



Definitely NES Mario Trilogy (American Super Mario 2, Not that trash called Lost Levels)

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2. Minecraft
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4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
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6. Pokemon Sword


1. Bioshock
2. Resident Evil (1,2,3)
3. WarCraft
4. Batman Arkham series (if we don't count Origins)
5. Castlevania Lords of Shadow saga
6. Diablo
7. Darksiders


The Sonic Advance trilogy for me. Just always found it to be a nice mix of classic Sonic gameplay with modern art style and elements. Personally, Sonic Advance 3 is my favorite of the three games.



@Anti-Matter Always wanted to try those, but never had the time. @BenAV @Ryu_Niiyama Yeah, the original Ace Attorney trilogy is great, got it on a whim for switch and it got me hooked on the entire series. @Krull I love how loose you consider trilogies! Makes for more interesting conversations. Would you say FFVII, VIII, or IX are friendly to newcomers? @Dezzy Oh man, the Mass Effect Trilogy has to be a close second for me, if Mass Effect 1 wasn't so.... broken let's say in the combat it might have been my favorite. @Zuljaras I tried getting into the original Resident Evil games, but I just couldn't stick with the movement controls, they irritated me too much. The Batman Arkham trilogy is superb, although my preferred Trilogy includes Origins and removes Knight lol. I actually have played the Lords of Shadow trilogy, while I liked the first game a lot, the other 2 didn't really hook me as much as the first. I still beat them all though. @Sunsy Sonic Advance remains the only 2D Sonic games I remember fondly, but sadly I have actually never played the first one, only 2 and 3.

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From a pure gameplay perspective, where all three games are simply brilliant?


...I can’t think of a franchise that just consistently nailed it for all three games...different developers or not.



AnnoyingFrenzy wrote:

@Krull I love how loose you consider trilogies! Makes for more interesting conversations. Would you say FFVII, VIII, or IX are friendly to newcomers?

9 is very newcomer friendly. 7 and 8 a bit less so.

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@Dezzy Awesome, they're all on Switch so I'll start with that one then, thanks!

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1. The neo-Persona trilogy (Persona 3, 4 and 5)
2. the BioShock trilogy
3. The original Ace Attorney trilogy
4. The original Resident Evil trilogy
5. The Metroid Prime trilogy


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Mass Effect, pure and simple.

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FF10 is also very newcomer friendly. Also on Switch too. I'd play 9 first though!

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Paper Mario > Ace Attorney > Metroid Prime > Mass Effect

Though controversial opinion, every single game in these trilogies is great, no exceptions.

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