Topic: What amiibo do we want?

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I'd like to see some Mario Tennis or Mario Kart Amiibos.

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I like to see past Amiibos being re-issued so those whom didn't get a chance to get a chance. This way it will stop Scalpers from taking Amiibo buyers and collectors hard earn $$.



F-Zero amiibo.

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I'd like more Fire Emblem amiibo. Some new figures like Lyn and Azura, as well as "remakes" of Smash characters like Marth, Ike, and Lucina (hopefully the Ike would be his PoR design). I would also love a Xenoblade series and more Metroid figures. Lastly, I want Zelda series versions for TP Zelda, TP Ganondorf, and Sheik.

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While the last thing the world probably needs is another Link amiibo, I was always annoyed when they did the 30th Anniversary set that there was no A Link to the Past design. I would have taken out Skyward Sword Link and replaced him with A Link to the Past Link. Firstly because the ALTTP design is more distinct/unique than SS's (which isn't that dissimilar to OOT's or TP's design) and secondly because ALTTP is the more iconic and revered game in the series.



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