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So looking at the trophies from Smash Brothers I can't help but wonder why isn't there an Amiibo for the Alternate Robin? So my question for you is what Amiibo do you want made?



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I'd really love to see more Super Mario amiibos. Like the second wave could include Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Rosalina and Toadette. And the third wave Spike, Dry Bowser, Sprixie Princess, Boo and Bowser jr.. You know, for use in Mario Party 10 and Ultra Smash. Seriously, though, I take any amiibo that comes and I am on the side who thinks that they don't really have to have a game to accompany the new amiibos. Just update older games to give them some functionality.

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All of Them. every last one of them

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I want to see a "Zelda" line in a similar vein to the "Super Mario" series which features the characters with more classic designs and poses. Also painted better, I've avoided buying the Link amiibo that exists because I hate the pose and the paint job on it.



I want Hyrule Warriors and Capt Toad amiibo.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Waluigi. This the amiibo that I want the most.

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Impa, Lana, Darunia, Ruto, Agitha, Zant, Fi, Ghirahim, Cia, Volga, Wizzro, Twili Midna, Young Link, Tingle, Skull Kid, Linkle, Tetra, King of Red Lions, Groose

So basically the entire playable roster for Hyrule Warriors and the #1 character that isn't in it but should be!


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I want an amiibo that will breed with my various other amiibo, then I can sell the horrific offspring on Ebay at a fair markup.

Waluigi would be nice as well...


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Santa wrote:

I want an amiibo that will breed with my various other amiibo, then I can sell the horrific offspring on Ebay at a fair markup.

Waluigi would be nice as well...


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I'd love to see more "classic" representations of characters in amiibo form. For instance, a Zelda II-style Link, Samus with her original armor style (or a Prime Samus, or a Super Metroid Samus, or an unmasked Samus with green hair and purple leotard, for that matter), or a full Star Fox crew done up in the low-poly N64 style. I also wouldn't mind seeing amiibo that aren't necessarily characters, such as ship models from Star Fox (a SNES Arwing would be wonderful), or even a tiny, well-detailed amiibo set of past Nintendo consoles or controllers.

Right now, though, I'm just stoked that amiibo aren't as much of a pain to find anymore. I'm looking forward to getting a Bayonetta amiibo without having to make finding one into a part-time job.

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Alternate costumes (for smash) would be the primary ones for me. So I can stop pretending my Robin is a girl.

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Corrin might have two different amiibos.

As for me, probably Link from Wind Waker or Zelda U(in the future), Impa, Chrom, Girahim, and Groose.



@Eat_Pie: We already have Link from Wind Waker (Toon Link from the Smash line) unless you mean with different outfit like the Outset clothes?


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Female Robin
Female Kamui/Corrin
Tharja Lucina
Tiki Lucina
Swimsuit Shulk
Advent Children Cloud
Original Bayonetta (personally prefer the Bayonetta 2 design, but why not)
More Mario series amiibo (maybe I can finally get a Rosalina amiibo)

Was really hoping there'd be another series with Mario & Sonic Rio 2016, but it doesn't look like that'll be the case.

I think a WarioWare or Rhythm Heaven series would be really cool to coincide with a new game, but I doubt those will happen.

Also, this probably doesn't fit the criteria, but I really want older games (like Super Mario Maker) to get patched for the new amiibo like Ryu, Lucas, Cloud, etc.

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@DefHalan: awesome idea for a Ditto amiibo
i say daisy
captain toad
shy guy

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Maybe Amiibos for the rest of the playable cast of Hyrule Warriors, with the pending release of Legends on the 3DS. Also alternate amiibos for gender-flip Smash characters (i.e. Robin, Corrin) and characters available as alternate skins for other characters (i.e. Alph and the Koopalings).


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