Topic: What's your favorite feature on the 3DS eShop?

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1 of mine is the downloading jello square things dropping in the game box. I always thought it was a cute feature while you wait.

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The fact you opened a present to get to newly downloaded games. It's the small touches like that which make the 3DS eShop so cool.

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@Luigi05 Love that too! Man I wish the Switch had that lol

Gordon Ramsay has a Nintendo Switch.


The music! I wish the Switch wasn't so quiet all the time. It's what made the Wii so charming as well. I miss all the plinky-plonky noises that the consoles used to make.

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The music and feels like it is smoother on the 3DS than the Switch e-shop to scroll through a list of games. And the 3DS e-shop has a nicer, more "Nintendo" look. The Switch e-shop is too basic.

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