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I was just curious I've heard a lot about games like fantasy life but the only ones I've played are the Pokemon ones, bravely default, and fire emblem



Personal favorite of mine, Shin Megami Tensei IV. Been playing it on and off since last summer, it's one of my favorites to play. Especially with the story and the way you can exploit weakness in battles to win them. Though, it's a tough one at times.



Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is my personal favourite, but the 3DS has a ton of wonderful RGPs. A few other games at the top of my list would be Ever Oasis, Fantasy Life, and Rune Factory 4.

Some other great picks would be Dragon Quest VII/VIII, Tales of the Abyss, any of the Shin Megami Tensei games, Yokai Watch 1-3, Persona Q/Q2 (preferably only if you've played Persona 3/4/5), Stella Glow, the Mario & Luigi games, The Alliance Alive, and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

Also if you haven't played Bravely Second yet that would be another good option, I liked it a bit more than Bravely Default.

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There are quite a lot of RPGish games on the 3DS, so ill fill the ones i know of that didn't get mentioned here yet.

The Etrian Odyssey games on 3DS are really good if you enjoy Dungeon Crawlers, and there's quite a few of them so you'd have lots to do if you decide to pick them up. (They also go on Sale quite often on the EShop)
Besides EO IV / V / Nexus / and the 2 Untold games, there is also Etrian Mystery Dungeon.

Project X Zone 1 / 2 are both very Unique and fun to play ( My Opinion ofc )

Monster Hunter Stories, i got it but since it does / did get a 2nd Game it should be quite decent.

The Legend of Legacy. (The Alliance Alive was mentioned, and is probably better, but its still good)

Last but def not least, The 7th Dragon Code VFD, a game you rarely hear about but its supposed to be really good, goes on Sale rarely on the EShop and Phys Copies are very Expensive now.

I got mine on Sale from the Eshop for like 10ish~ so that's definitely worth it for that Price.

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best in my opinion are the Fire emblem series, the EarthBound series, Dragon Quest 11S, and Undertale

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Yokai Watch 3 3DS

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Radiant Historia and Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale are 3ds RPG great games too.


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