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Hey guys!

Since the chance of I submitting this idea to Nintendo and they actually caring for it are atom-sized, I guess at least I can discuss it with fellow Nintendo fans.

I was thinking about what else could Nintendo do with the Mario & Luigi series, when a lightbulb appeared over my head: Why not a Wario & Waluigi game? The central idea is something like this:

The Mushroom Kingdom is living in peace for a while. Everything's good. Birds sing, toads are happy, Luigi eats lots'a spaghetti. One day, a flying circus come to town, and lands near Peach's castle. The circus is an enormous success, every night they're completely booked, full of toads on the stands, cheering for the magic tricks, the clowns, and the feral beasts.

Due to the success, princess Peach invites Mario and Luigi to the circus, and the show's organization gives them a place right in front of the stage. That night, the magician asks for volunteers, and Mario and Luigi goes for a hypnosis trick. The magician hypnotizes both, start laughing and say everything worked according to the plan, commanding Mario and Luigi to pick up Peach and run to the command room (remember, this is a flying circus). Someone quickly turns the engines on, and the circus ship flys to a far away place, where now Peach is being held captive by the main magician (the villain of the game).

Cue back to Mushroom Kingdom, to Bowser's castle. He's bored, and infuriated. He never managed to snag Peach for much time, and without her to kidnap or without Mario and Luigi to bash, he has lost his raison d'être. He then devises a plan to rescue her. However, he can't be seen as helping Mario, Luigi and Peach, so he hires two mercenaries to do the job for him, in exchange for a nice amount of treasure. Who are these mercenaries? Wario and Waluigi!

The mechanics of the game could follow closed the established Mario & Luigi mechanics, with some new twists, taken right from Wario Land games. For example, as in Wario Land 4 (for GBA), Wario could fill his cheeks and float, and Waluigi can use him as a hot air balloon to reach up righer places. Instead of hammers, Waluigi could use a tennis racket, in reference to his Mario Tennis debut. And, finally, both could have special garlic-induced superpowers.

Also, being mercenaries and evil dudes, this could bring an interest twist to the side quests. Often, in M&L games these quests are "let's fetch this crying Toad his lollipop back", or things like that, always helping other characters. Wario and Waluigi, on the other hand, would help characters for a small sum of money:

Wario: "Oh, you lost your family album. That's soooo sad. But we are very busy dudes."
Crying Toad: "Naaaaaaah, but please, help me. It was a family heirloom."
Wario: "I could help you, but you need to help me too"
Toad: "How?"
Wario: "A man must have money to buy items. I can find your album for a price."

The game could progress like your tried and tested M&L game. Bosses could be characters from the circus. And, in the end, the final bosses would be hypnotized Mario and hypnotized Luigi themselves!

On the title screen there could be a big M and a big L. They would fall and get reversed, forming a W and an inverted L, precisely the logos for Wario and Waluigi.

What do you think of this idea? I would totally play this game.


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