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All those codes do is make the Pokemon appear in AR form, but only after you collected them from either a friend or Spotpass (With the exception of Zekrom, Victini, and a few other legendaries I can't spell the names of, you get those from scanning the AR card) It appears you can only get one Pokemon a day from Spotpass. Some people believe that scanning the AR cards of certain Pokemon increases your chances of collecting that one from Spotpass. That's all I know...

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I have absolutely no idea how a Pokemon game works. But I'm finding the little critters on this app rather charming. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'd like to give one of the games a try? Are the critters in this Pokedex specific to just one of the games?

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My guess would be that they are all specific to Black and White, with the big fancy looking monsters towards the end of the list, that are black or white or have names which incorporate these colours, being specific to the corresponding game. In Blue, which was one of the first two games, I think, if I recall correctly, that you could only get the water tortoise from blue and only get the charmander from red, but most of the other monsters are common to both. Better off waiting for an expert to post though, as like I said above, I haven't played one of these games since about 1999.



@Victoria - Pokémon that you can get in Pokédex 3D are from 5th generation and so far only Pokémon Black & White has them. Differences between these games are few places that differ from another and then there's these Pokémon that can't be found on both games:
Black & White's main story uses only those new Pokémon that Pokédex 3D has but when you have defeated Pokémon League you get to see Pokémon from older generations, those 493 Pokémon that Pokédex 3D doesn't have.

@RetroRich - Better to wait for an expert indeed Squirtle and Charmander were obtainable on both games as they are starter Pokémon. But at least you were right that there's some Pokémon differences between those two games.


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@Late. LOL! Yeah, 13 years is a long time dude.



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Oh geez, we're back to the Unnofficial crap. As if that's gotten any less annoying this year than it was last year.

Oh good! So i'm not the only one who's noticed. >: (

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@Mickeymac and TwilighV. Am I missing something here? Whats the deal with this Unoffical hating?



@RetroRich: It happened a long while back. People posted it on virtually everything in response to threads with "Official" in the title being locked. It was a nuisance... XP



I got 3 pokemon yesterday. Yes you only get one at a time, but I kept opening it and closing it to get more. Though it only worked 3 times.

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Golurk looks so awesome when he does his animation.

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You can get up to 3 Pokemon a day via spotpass and scanning a Pokemon's AR maker that you want but don't have does increase your chance of getting it via spotpass. I got Reuniclus today! It looks so cool in 3D. I printed out it's AR Marker I found online today! Now I make it pop out on my couch with the AR viewer! Can't wait till I get Liligant! X3


@Retro_on_theGo: I got one awhile back. They really don't have mouths, but their eyes can tell you if they're smiling. Yamask looks like it's crying even when it's happy.



..How are we supposed to get these Pokemon AR markers? D:




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I have been a while since I received new Pokémon. I used to get three a day, but that stopped all of the sudden. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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Nope, still getting the pocketmonsters.

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