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Hello there.
I have an old version of the 3DS and a new one that is coming in.

Well, I was wondering;
1.)On the old 3DS, I have my NNID linked & a few items bought from the eShop, I also have badges. Will those transfer if I do a system transfer? What happens to my friends?
2.)Should I copy everything from the SD card, put it on my laptop, and send it to the new SD card?
3.)If I do a transfer, can I unlink my NNID and use it on the new 3DS? I also have it linked to my Wii U.

I was thinking about leaving the 3DSs as they are because I don't want the other to go to complete waste. The old one has a Pokemon (Eevee) theme.. But the new one I'm getting is the Pokemon 3DS, so I'd have the bundle themes... Most of my games are also physical except for one!



1: All store info and linked NNID stuff gets transfered. Same with friends.

2: There is an option to transfer EVERYTHING over wi-fi (yes, wi-fi, not wireless). Depending on your internet speed however, it may be faster to copy over data between SD cards (which happens after transfering store and account data). There are guides that show what to copy.

3: See 1.

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