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Super Metroid is my personal favorite Snes game, but they're both worthy of your money.

If you're looking at it as an investment though, Link to the Past will get you more hours of gameplay for your buck.


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I'd go with do you prefer Zelda or Metroid even if you've only played the 3d ones or even whom you prefer in Smash.

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I would recommend A Link to the Past. While both games are amazing, I think Super Metroid could wait and more enjoyment will be found in A Link to the Past.

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I think both are great. It all comes down to which series you care more about and the history of which you want to explore first. You should also consider which style talks to you more: top-down or side-view. Both games are about exploration though Link to the Past is more newbie-friendly than Super Metroid: ALttP does not tell you exactly what to do next, it's very hard to get lost or in a state where you can't figure out what you should be doing next. Super Metroid on the other hand is more cruel in the sense that it does not tell you what to do but it does give you visual hints for later times when you have certain power-ups. You can get more lost in that game than in ALttP.

Either way you can't go wrong if you enjoy both series. Both Super Metroid and A Link to the Past are among the very best entries in their respective franchises.

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Both are absolute must-plays. However, I would recommend Super Metroid before Link to the Past, because it's a more unique experience. Each of the Metroid games have their own flavor, and the closest to Super Metroid would probably be Zero Mission.
Link to the Past is great, but the Zelda games are a bit more consistent in flavor. And Link's Awakening is the best.



Personally I give the edge to A Link to the Past, but either way you win. Both are fantastic games

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Well, you did play A Link To The Past and didn't get too far and that must be for a reason. It happened the same to me because I can see why it's a great game and all but it just isn't that appealing to me.

Super Metroid on the other hand is my favourite game. True, sometimes you can get lost and you won't know what to do, but exploring is so much fun and the pacing of the game is way faster. The game may be shorter but I have replayed it many times because the game is too much fun for me. The graphics look great, the controls are perfect, the exploration is fun and the atmosphere is unique.

If you still feel like choosing a zelda game, for some reason I have enjoyed Link's awakening a lot more.

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A link to the past for sure, or perhaps why not both???



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