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Okay, I have a special edition New 3DS XL I'm considering selling and it came with a pre-installed game. I have used the console a little bit but never connected to the internet or eShop, never tied it to my NNID / Nintendo Account and never even booted up the pre-installed game.

Question simply is, am I able to reset the console without removing the pre-installed game so its future owner can freely play it?

Am I correct in saying the game would be installed on the Micro SD card that comes with the console? If so could I remove it, factory reset the console and then reinsert?



If you never tied it to anything why don't you just sell it as it is?

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Meowpheel wrote:

If you never tied it to anything why don't you just sell it as it is?

Agree you could even get more for it because there is a game pre-installed on it.

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If you reset the console or delete your eShop account etc. then the game also dies with it. If you haven't connected online or input any personal information into the console, I'd recommend you to just delete any save data manually via Settings > Data Management, whilst keeping the pre-installed game on the system.

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@Meowpheel Thats what I thought but goinh into settings I didnfind some of my details under profile. I don't recall connecting online but now not so sure. Tried to check the NNID but needs me to agree to T&C and worried that could "lock" it.

@Tasuki Thats what I was hoping, especially as its the Majora's Mask one.

@sillygostly Thats what I was hoping to do until I discovered the profile information. Overall I don't know if the installed game is still tied to the console or ownership has been transferred to my NNID.


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