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So I was thinking about Pokemon spinoffs recently, as there seems to be quite a few new iterations in the 3DS library (Rumble, Trozei, Mystery Dungeon, etc.) and I just remembered the Pokemon Ranger series. We haven't seen a new Pokemon Ranger game in over 5 years — should we get a new one?

I only played the first two long ago but I don't even remember if they were really any good. Also no idea what the response to these games are, as if they didn't sell well maybe this is why they stopped making them. My main question is, is there demand for this series to return? What do you think about a new Ranger title on 3DS (or even Wii U, it's possible) with new mechanics and Pokemon from Gen 5 and 6?

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I would love more Pokemon Ranger but i don't see it happening any time soon. I hope i am wrong though

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crimsontadpoles wrote:

I didn't think Pokemon Ranger was that great, but yet I still really enjoyed them. I like them much more than Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and would happily welcome a new game.

Agreed. The irony is that I thought I would enjoy the Mystery Dungeon series more, but haven't picked up a new MD game since Blue Rescue Team. I played the first Pokémon Ranger to 100% completion, I enjoyed it so much. However, I ultimately prefer capturing Pokémon, and wasn't impressed with a demo I played of Guardian Signs.

I could see the series possibly returning at some point, but there are other Pokemon spinoffs I'd rather see first. (Pokemon Snap, A new Stadium or Coliseum type game, and Pokemon Pinball to name a few)

Just as long as we don't see something like Pokemon Dash ever again.

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I would love a new Ranger game. I finished Guardian Signs 100%.

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