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Hi, my New 3DS has suddenly stopped displaying on the bottom screen. The touch functions still work but the screen doesn't turn on. The top screen works fine. Has anyone had this happen and were you able to fix it?

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Searching for touch screen issues I’m having. This is very similar. The screen is completely out but still has the function. What is the cause? Anyone else?



The touchscreen is actually a separate layer attached to the display screen, so one, or both can malfunction - causing either no touch, no visible screen or both to fail.

It could be caused by the LCD ribbon cable becoming loose or damaged due to a drop/fall/knock. Try to reseat (reconnect) the cable.

Replacing the whole touchscreen (inc LCD display) is a doddle - you can even buy them on eBay quite cheaply. Watch a YouTube video first though - honestly, there are vids done by children. Or you can send the machne back to Nintendo, which will guarantee a replacement/repair.


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