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Hi there gamers!
Who do I contact Nintendo* about 2 Brand NEW games, with missing game pamphlets? I have been all over Nintendo with no help at all. I even tried emailing and was ignored.
Can someone direct me to help* om this matter? I paid full price NEW* with both games. I paid for the pamphlets so, I do want them.
Thank you,
Poppy in Georgia



oops..meant "on"



I know for certain that Tri Force Heroes doesn't have any pamphlets except for the one that says how to view the electronic manual and has all the warnings. They probably took out the ones for Sticker Star too.

You paid for the game, not for pieces of paper.

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If you want a complete copy of Paper Mario Sticker star cause you're a collector, don't bother. Paper Mario Sticker Star will always be worthless physically, and in our hearts... But if you're super anal-retentive or something, check eBay.

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inb4 unnecessary Sticker Star ha-...oh, never mind.

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nintendo does all their instructions electronically now, so they dont put pamphlets in the boxes anymore. i think its good, it doesnt waste the paper when you can get the manual electronically anyway.

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