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Remember that demo of Renegade Kid's "Maximillian and The Rise of the Mutant Mudds" and how he wanted to see if people would like it on DSiWare?

Well, many developments later (a switch from 3D to 2D), Mutant Mudds will be coming to the eShop!

  • 2D side-scrolling platformer
  • published by Renegade Kid
  • new project was born out of experimentation
  • when word of the 3DS came around, Renegade Kid redesigned their DSiWare title into what we now see
  • Max must use his water cannon and water-powered jet pack to defeat monsters that come from the ground
  • travel between foreground and background
  • levels include “a dark, wintery land; a fiery temple; a space cosmos; and a fluffy cloudville.”
  • collect Water Sprites to defeat the Mudds
  • collect water sprites to open new levels
  • find secrets and power-ups
  • good for pick-up-and-play sessions

Anyone excited?

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I honestly didn't really know about Mudds before Renegade Kid started that support blog thing, but judging from the screenshots, that looks awesome.

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This looks like it could be realy good! For sure gonna pick this one up!

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I'm glad someone else knew about this! Looks awesome, and I can't wait to play it.

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After hearing Corbie compare this to Wario land, I'm more excited for this now and the foreground and background swapping sounds good too.


Looks like a very good game. I'm gonna make sure I get this one.

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@Its-Mii-Will Awesome, thanks. Looks like it could be worth getting.


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Been playing an early build of Mutant Mudds every night this past week and this game is absolutely amazing! This is definitely one to put on your most-wanted list if you're even REMOTELY a platformer fan.

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Nice. Can't wait to give it a try. Early build? Hmm, may be waiting a while.

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Welp, I'll bite. 2D platformers are my favorite and judging from the videos, this looks to be my kind of game. Will wait for the review though. Now, with this game nearing completion, Jools should now be working on a new Dementium for the 3DS.
Edit - @Corbie Any previews coming up soon? I want to hear more details.

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I like this game but I sure hope it'll get a release date soon.

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Hey, lookie here - a post about Mutant Mudds!

The game should be ready in time for a release in December or January. I wish it was ready to release now, but we're not rushing this one.



Alright. I been curious about this for too long. Adding it to my wishlist.

EDIT: Couldn't find it... couldn't add it to my list. Ah well.

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Are there any Mutant Mudds fans out there? We're posting photos of Max's fans on the Mutant Mudds website (

If you'd like your mug on the fan page, just send us a photo of yourself and something Mutant Mudds related to fan@renega ....



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