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So does this game have an actual goal? Or are you making creatures just for the hell of it?

I don't think anyone outside of Nintendo knows for sure, but we (as a collective whole, I'm not getting this) will start figuring that out tomorrow.

Well, when you make a certain amount of characters, you make your world grow larger. I am wondering if the point is to get the world as big as possible?

I bought this game quite a while ago, and I am already getting bored and haven't touched it in a while. To me, it seems like the same thing OVER and OVER...

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@rachelthehedgehog: In my thought, the larger the world gets, the more customization of the world you have.

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Im not the Arty or Much of a creative type of person but i still love this game i had only just got this when i had got bored of Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts which is very fun creative game so to anyone who says people who aren't creative wont like this
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I dont think anyone has noticed or asked this but how come when you use the augmented reality mode, when you turn the 3D on, it looks all wierd and messy?


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Hmm... This game is random and repetitive, but if you enjoy using simple tools to produce hilarious and creative output then it's a lot of fun! I had low expectations initially and only bought the game because sharing via StreetPass and QR codes sounded like it could be neat. I haven't had the opportunity to do much sharing yet, but have spent a fairly hefty amount of time with the game and have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The character and world customization options are deep enough that creative gamers can make some really interesting content and easily spend dozens of hours enjoying FreakyForms. People who just want a more traditional game, where strategy or reflexes are more important than free-form imagination, might feel there isn't much content here though.


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I'm disapointed that I still have not streetpassed anyone with this game. I get a couple streetpasses each week, yet never anyone with Freakyforms.

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YO. I'm kinda new to this whole forum thing but I'm trying to make my formees as popular as possible so I can get that special formee once you've collected all the trophies. I'm trying to get the "??? planets visited" trophy so spread these guys around if you like them
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled

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And here's a few more
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

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Damn it, none of my Formees look like that....I'm not an artsy type person either, but I say those are pretty awesome Formees you've got there, P3039851.
I should really post some of mine i've made, they're not anything special, but I've made a formee that looks just like the 10th doctor from Doctor Who, one of my favourite TV shows and believe me, it looks awesome and hillarious just seeing him bounce around weirdly. I'll hopefully post it some time in the near future.
BTW please rate it when I upload the pic, i'm not usually good at creativity as I said before, but the formee does look pretty convincing.

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I just bought this game a couple of hours ago and I'm waiting for my hearts to regenerate so I can get back to creating more formees. My first 6 were caried in success, but a couple turned out decent.
(Probably not good enough to post here though, lol)

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