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Hello, I am a total newbie to the world of Nintendo so please bear with me....(blush). I just got my dad the new Nintendo 3DS XL so he could play the Brain Age games to train his brain. Right now the only game he can play is the Devilish Calculations under the Devilish Training menu which is supposed to have 8 different games. There are also other menus like Supplementary Training and Brain Training with 9 games each. Will these other games unlock themselves after a certain number of days or does my dad have to "pass" Devilish Calculations before he can move onto another game?

My second question is: When my dad opens up Devilish Training, he always sees this person with a question mark on its face and 3 "New Profile" buttons. I created a Mii for my dad which appears in his Profile but how come this Mii does not replace this person with a question mark face?

Thank you. Your responses will be much appreciated.



Keep playing every day and new activities will be unlocked.

It takes around a month and a half to unlock every single thing.

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