Topic: Augmented Reality on 3DS... Why is it dead?

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Does anybody else remember the Augmented Reality features on 3DS? I remember buying my 3DS long ago and playing those goofy AR games. They were pretty fun. The last time I used AR on my 3DS was when I got AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising. It was a cool side thing to a great game.

My question is... why is Augmented Reality dead on 3DS? It has sooo much potential yet I haven't seen a 3DS game use it in forever.
I'm actually surprised more developers haven't jumped in on it. Monster Hunter and Pokemon Augmented Reality cards would sell like crazy.

Wanna know another dead feature on 3DS that has potential? Play Coins.

I hope the NX has some kind of Augmented Reality feature. It's too much potential to ignore, in my opinion.

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Probably because it hardly works.


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Morpheel wrote:

Probably because it hardly works.

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Morpheel wrote:

Probably because it hardly works.



Morpheel wrote:

Probably because it hardly works.

Worked all the time for me...

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It worked fine for some games, like Face Riders. In fact, it's impossible not to make it work!

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It always worked fine for me but the experiences weren't that great. I don't think it could improve many types of games.

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It'd be better if the camera wasn't so terrible.



I always forgot AR existed because it's used so sparsely. Bravely Default had the one AR movie, and that was the only game I could even recall using it in the last three years and change prior to the recent Miku game, which I think actually does a really neat, although limited job with it.

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Dankykong wrote:

It'd be better if the camera wasn't so terrible.

And if the resolution was higher...



Fossil Fighter: Frontier uses it to get some extra vivosaurs. The game came out this year in the "west".


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It wasn't really that great tbh.

The majority of games designed for the 3DS had no reason to use AR, it was just a fun little gimmick by nintendo. You couldn't do much with it either.. there were a few titles like pokedex 3D pro, but you can't really interact with anything for the most part. It's a concept meant for 10 minute wows and then move on and ignore it. In short, there's no gameplay..

The AR cards worked fine for me, just again, it's a matter of how interactive they actually are... they're not at all. Why play games with a very shakey gimmick, when you can play an actual game with still models.

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Also it's not technically dead, Photos with Mario is being distributed currently with many different AR cards attached to eShop cards in stores. (one AR card per eShop card, many different AR cards)

Play Coins are kind of dead because they're a touch annoying to obtain unless you cheat it by shaking the system or doing some other trick to make it think you're walking, in which you still can only get like 20 a day or something? Aside from buying Puzzle Pieces in the Mii Plaza, they're like 99% useless now. They had their moment with Animal Crossing, SMT4 and a few others but it was short lived and not worth the trouble.

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It's all because they don't work that well, it's most effective with simple games that would work as well without AR. AR games failed on PSP, PS Vita, 3DS and even smartphones.


Yes. We need more games like Bubble Pop World.

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Pretty sad but the technology was kind of dead out of the box. I too liked what I saw with the potential of it. I was hoping for an augmented reality fishing type of game. Now that would have been sweet. I don't think it's coming back either. It's dead Jim!

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They are reading this thread right now, and laughing, but keep your head up.
People were sending their AR cards back to Nintendo through the mail, so they figured no one cared.


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Probably because its kind of limited in terms of usefulness. I mean, it has some potential uses (I've always thought an AR Mario Party or AR version of the Smash Bros trophy gallery would work well), but for more action based games... apparently there's a bit of a problem with latency when its used. So it's not really useful outside of slow paced games, virtual dioramas and the odd Face Raiders or Spirit Camera type thing.

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I always thought augmented reality was gimmicky on the 3DS and everywhere else in general, but AR will get better with time once the technology improves. Though Face Raiders is cool, I'd think that it would work just as well if it wasn't AR and the background was something coded in the game. When using the AR cards, they never seem to work well for me and I usually have to keep the 3DS in a specific location at the correct distance away in order for it to work.

AR is a nice way of showcasing the 3D aspects of the console, but I don't think that it's very useful when gaming for a long time just yet.

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The best use for AR on 3DS I've seen was putting a Nintendog into a microwave, and that was way back at the launch of the system.



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