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Hi! I recently got Animal Crossinf new leaf and I am in desperate need of friends. My town kind of sucks right now, but it’ll get better haha. Right now I have pear trees and peaches on the way. My friend code is 2896-2350-6236 and my name is Raven. Thanks!



@QuothTheRaven Hi Raven I'm basically new aswell I recently brought the game again. looking for new people to play with, my fc is 4124-5479-7988 name is panda, town is Chicago, town fruit is apples but also have lemons and banana's growing. I love doing tours on the island.



Hiya I am fairly new to Animal Crossing, I really haven't done too much would love to enjoy the social aspect of the game and 3DS. So my name is John (might come up as Sam as I share it with my son).

3DS friend Code: 1736-5785-2345

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