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Please help! My New 3DS XL was running out of space, so I powered off my system, removed the SD card, and inserted it into my device. After copying the DCIM folder to my computer (I didn’t move it, the original folder was still on my SD card), I removed the SD card and put it back in my 3DS. I powered it on and... my theme was gone. All of my downloaded apps and badges were gone. I powered off my system and put the SD card back into my computer. There, I noticed something strange. The folders on the SD card when I first inserted it was “DCIM”, “Nintendo 掵剗S“, and “private”. However, after putting it in my 3DS and then back in my computer, there was a new folder, “Nintendo 3DS”. Next, I tried something else. I MOVED, not copied, the “Nintendo 掵剗S“ folder to my computer, so now it wasn’t on my SD card. I then copied the folders from that folder into the new “Nintendo 3DS” folder on my SD card. Finally, I inserted my SD card into my 3DS and powered it on. It worked, my theme and games were back. My badges weren’t there, but honestly that’s fine for me. Then, I went into System Settings to check my save data backups, and they were gone. The folders for them were still there (I saw the spaces for the backups), but they had no game title, game picture, and they took up 0 blocks. Then, I quit system settings. And THEN, my THEME WAS GONE. The games were still there. I don’t know what I should do. Please help.



@Zeo Nintendo support has a phone line, chat messenger, email. Phone & chat messenger available 6am-7pm Pacific Time - I've used both, and been pleased.

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