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Monday18th Dec 2017

Thursday7th Dec 2017

  • Random This Fan-Made Satoru Iwata amiibo Gives Us The Feels

    "In my heart, I am a gamer"

    Yesterday would have been Satoru Iwata's 58th birthday. The Nintendo president tragically passed away in 2015 and left behind a striking legacy within the games industry, having overseen some of the company's biggest commercial and critical successes. Since his passing, many within the industry have done their best...

Thursday16th Nov 2017

Tuesday7th Nov 2017

  • Deals UK Retailer Tesco Is Offering 3 For 2 On amiibo

    While stocks last

    Missing some vital Nintendo-themed plastic toys in your collection? Fear not, as UK superstore chain Tesco is currently running an offer where you can pick up 3 amiibo figures for the price of 2. At the time of writing the offer includes almost 40 different figures, but stock is likely to sell out fast so if you're missing any...

Monday30th Oct 2017

Thursday26th Oct 2017

  • News Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition Gets a Retail Release Date

    amiibo support is a thing, too

    In one of those 'sure, why not' announcements, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the physical retail edition of Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition will arrive on 10th November. Interestingly, the box art also has an amiibo logo, which suggests the range will be supported in the game via an update - or it's...

Tuesday3rd Oct 2017

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Wednesday26th Jul 2017

Monday24th Jul 2017

  • News Here's What Those Lovely New amiibo Do In Metroid: Samus Returns

    Tap for a Metroid marker

    The official Japanse website for Metroid: Samus Returns has just popped up and what a beauty it is. Of course, not being Japanese ourselves, we have a hard time knowing what is being said here. Thankfully Japanese Nintendo are at hand with a translation which explains what the Metroid amiibo do within the game: Samus Aran...

Monday10th Jul 2017

Wednesday5th Jul 2017

Tuesday13th Jun 2017

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Wednesday31st May 2017

Thursday25th May 2017

  • News UK Retailer Argos Slashes The Price Of amiibo To £6.99

    Save a third on the typical RRP

    UK retailer Argos has slashed the price of its amiibo range by a third, with every single figure now costing just £6.99, as opposed to the typical £10.99 recommended retail price. Needless to say, this deal won't hang around forever - so if your collection is still missing the Animal Crossing Villager or

Friday21st Apr 2017

Thursday20th Apr 2017

  • News Nicalis Teases a Binding of Isaac amiibo

    Shh, no tears

    It's rather fascinating to think how far The Binding of Isaac has come on Nintendo platforms. After being initially denied from the Nintendo ecosystem a few years back due to controversial content in the game, it later went on to make an appearance on both 3DS and Wii U, with the most recent and complete edition making an appearance on...

Thursday13th Apr 2017

Tuesday21st Mar 2017

Friday17th Mar 2017

Thursday2nd Mar 2017

  • News Yacht Club Games Announces New Shovel Knight amiibo Functionality

    Boopity Boo!

    The Shovel Knight amiibo was rather notable for being the first amiibo figure to come from an indie developer, and it brought a solid amount of content, too. Customizable characters, extra relics, new stages, and co-op mode. Now, with the impending release of Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, it seems that the shovelrous amiibo will be...