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  • News Monster Hunter Stories Gets Three Shiny New amiibo Figures

    But still no western release date

    Monster Hunter Stories doesn't have a western release date yet, so the news we're about to report might make you feel quite uncomfortable - queasy, even. We already knew that the game would be accompanied by its own amiibo, and the first few figures were revealed a while ago. However, we've now got images of three...

Friday1st Jul 2016

Wednesday22nd Jun 2016

  • Gallery PDP is Launching Some Rather Fancy amiibo Displays

    Not just a plastic case

    The amiibo range is treated different ways depending on the owner's style. Some keep them boxed and preserved for future generations, some have them scattered around shelves and ready to be used (like this writer), and others put them on display. Nintendo and third-parties have released various cases and fancy displays to...

Tuesday14th Jun 2016

Thursday9th Jun 2016

  • Review Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge (3DS eShop)

    Tiny toys

    Nintendo's track record in promoting amiibo through free apps isn't one that's always shown the company at its best. amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits, for example, was a bit rubbish and unsure of its audience. With efforts like that it's just as well that the range and compatible games mean the figures (and cards) practically sell...

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Saturday30th Apr 2016

  • News Callie and Marie Join a New Splatoon amiibo Range on 8th July

    So fresh!

    Splatoon has been a major hit for Nintendo since it launched in May 2015, not just in sales numbers but also in terms of the IP's impact on popular culture. In Japan, particularly, Callie and Marie (the sisters who 'host' the game) have emerged as popular characters for their music and quirky characters. Nintendo's keen to celebrate that...

Thursday28th Apr 2016

  • News Nintendo Shipped More Than 50 Million amiibo In a Year

    Nearly 25 million figures

    With the NFC scanner on the Wii U GamePad and now the New 3DS / portal options, Nintendo gives gamers a chance to enjoy toys-to-life gaming quickly and easily. As we all know the amiibo range arrived in late 2014 to kickstart this new era of Nintendo collectibles, and it's proven to be a success. Back in February Nintendo...

Thursday21st Apr 2016

  • News Toys-To-Life Newcomer Thinks We're Growing Bored Of Pieces Of Plastic

    "When something doesn't change, you just get tired of it"

    Nintendo has enjoyed great success with sales of amiibo figures since they first began to appear on store shelves in late November 2014 alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. However, the toys-to-life market has become a bit saturated since that time with amiibo battling in the same...

Monday18th Apr 2016

Thursday7th Apr 2016

  • News Check Out These Japanese amiibo Dioramas

    Perhaps an oncoming trend?

    It seems that the time of extreme amiibo stock shortages has finally passed, with most amiibo being relatively easy to find nowadays, save for perhaps a few extra rare ones. Naturally, this means that many collectors will likely be at a point now where they have a lot of amiibo to keep track of. Perhaps as a means of...

Friday1st Apr 2016

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  • Video Watch The Conclusion Of The 'Guess the amiibo' Mini-Series

    Kids at heart

    Over the past week Nintendo of Europe has uploaded some fun 'Guess the amiibo' videos, where figureheads like Shigeru Miyamoto and Splatoon co-director Tsubasa Sakaguchi pose in an identical position to an amiibo figurine for us to guess which character they're imitating. Nintendo's now posted the videos in full, revealing the answers...

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