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  • Guide All The Splatoon 2 amiibo Unlocks

    Stay fresh

    If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, you might well have been enjoying Splatoon 2 since its launch last year. Playing through the single-player campaign or testing your skills out in some online matches is a great way to build up your Inkling, but what do the Splatoon-themed amiibo do within the game? You can, of course, use both the new...

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  • News Nintendo Has Filed A Mysterious Patent For Amiibo-Style NFC Cards

    A new kind of Pokémon trading card game, perhaps?

    There's nothing quite like a mysterious patent to get chins wagging and brains ticking over. And this latest one from Nintendo is a right head scratcher. The patent, which was filed earlier this month to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, present a set of collectible trading cards with...

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