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  • Video See the Very First Wii U & 3DS Game to Use Every Single amiibo

    Figures, cards, plush toys, oh my!

    Since their inception, amiibo have been a smash hit with fans new and old, but one idea that Nintendo still hasn't been fully realised is a game that utilises every one of these NFC delights. It's true that certain games like Hyrule Warriors recognise can use all amiibo, but it doesn't recognise them individually...

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  • News Jigglypuff amiibo is No Longer a Target Exclusive in North America

    Currently set to be available from GameStop

    It seems that Nintendo has come a long way in recent months when it comes to keeping amiibo stock in line with the demand. While it may be that the absolute newest figures are still pretty scarce, it's no longer a matter of mostly just first wave amiibo being available. Unfortunately, retailer exclusive...

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  • News Rare Wanted To Do amiibo-Style Toys During The N64 Era

    Ahead of the curve

    UK studio Rare has always had a habit of being ahead of the curve. The company - founded by Tim and Chris Stamper in the '80s - was one of the first western developers to work on the NES hardware, and in the '90s the firm would pioneer the use of CGI graphics in 2D games with the likes of Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct...

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