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Tuesday28th Feb 2017

  • Rumour New Zelda Series amiibo Might Be On The Way

    Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword amiibo incoming?

    Those naughty data miners are at it again; they've only gone and analysed leaked data files for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and have made some interesting discoveries. You can read the whole thread over on Reddit, but here is a summary: In the data files the following...

Wednesday22nd Feb 2017

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Tuesday7th Feb 2017

  • Talking Point The State of Play - amiibo and Its Next Big Move

    Pokémon, probably

    When Nintendo unveiled its amiibo range in Spring 2014 with the codename of "Nintendo Figurine Platform", it came at a time when the toys-to-life market was near its peak. After Skylanders had blazed a trail Disney Infinity had followed, and it had become a lucrative sector in the market. Nintendo's initial pitch was enticing -...

Monday30th Jan 2017

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Friday20th Jan 2017

  • News Goodbye! BOXBOY! Has Some Lovely Kirby-Related amiibo Support

    A Game Boy screen filter, too

    Slowly and surely, heading towards its third release in Japan, HAL Laboratory's BOXBOY! series continues to gain fans and momentum. Though a Western release is yet to be confirmed, early February will see the release of Goodbye! BOXBOY! in Japan, known locally as Sayonara! BOXBOY!, with a physical retail edition on the...

Friday9th Dec 2016

Saturday3rd Dec 2016

Wednesday9th Nov 2016

Thursday3rd Nov 2016

Wednesday2nd Nov 2016

  • Reminder Super Mario Series Wave 2 amiibo Hit North America This Week

    Will you be getting any?

    It's felt like an age since we've had some truly new amiibo, excluding Splatoon palette swaps. Now the time has finally arrived for the Super Mario Series Wave 2 amiibo. While a few of these came out in Europe in October, they will all be available in North America later this week, on 4th November. We've assembled these...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Is Available Now

    amiibo support, here we come!

    The long-awaited update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available for download as we speak. This welcome news was announced during today's Animal Crossing Direct. The update brings amiibo support to the game for those playing on the New Nintendo 3DS or using the NFC Reader. Fire up that 3DS and get playing. Once...

Wednesday26th Oct 2016

Thursday20th Oct 2016

Wednesday19th Oct 2016

  • News FCC Listing Points to Potential Bluetooth amiibo NFC Reader

    amiibo support for smart devices, perhaps even NX?

    Filings and formal listings can occasionally be a means to see a product before it's revealed to the world, and we may just have such a case today. Eagle-eyed observers on NeoGAF have unearthed an approved FCC listing for a Bluetooth device that looks very much like the amiibo NFC Reader, but in...

Wednesday5th Oct 2016

Monday3rd Oct 2016

Friday30th Sep 2016

  • News Best Buy Opens Pre-Orders on Some Re-Stocked amiibo in the US

    Pit! Samus! Lucina! Sonic! Gold Mario! Ness!

    It's surprising that a number of Smash Bros. amiibo figures are still relatively rare, depending on where you live. Some figures that are as common as rainy days here in the UK require pre-orders in the US, even when they were originally released in 2014 / 2015. That seems to be the case with some...

Thursday29th Sep 2016

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