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  • Video Learn How To Make Your Very Own Doug Bowser amiibo

    Add the real Bowser to your collection

    Earlier this week, we shared a special moment at E3 2019 when DIY expert GandaKris presented the Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser with his very own custom-made amiibo. If you've been wanting to add this exclusive amiibo to your own collection, well now you can. The talented amiibo maker has uploaded a...

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  • Deals Get Some Lovely Discounts On Animal Crossing amiibo

    Opportunity for UK readers to stock up ready for Animal Crossing Switch?

    UK retailer Argos appears to be sitting on a serious surplus of amiibo and have discounted a load of them on their website, including most of the Animal Crossing range. Villager can be picked up for the cool price of £5.99, along with Lottie and Cyrus. Mr Resetti will set you...

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  • Random Taiwanese Police Seize 6,850 Fake amiibo Cards From One Man

    Taipei-based seller reportedly got them online from China

    We all know that crime doesn't pay - however, reports that a Taiwanese man has been arrested after selling fake amiibo cards suggest that the old maxim is a big fib. This unscrupulous individual had a variety of decidedly dodgy amiibo cards with full NFC functionality on sale for the tidy sum...

Sunday10th Feb 2019

  • Feature Just One More, Honest: The Unlikely Endurance Of amiibo

    Despite untapped potential, amiibo survives the death of toys-to-life

    With Disney Infinity, Skylanders and Lego Dimensions falling by the wayside in recent years, toys-to-life seems to have reached its natural conclusion. Much like the plastic instrument peripherals of a decade ago, consumers have had enough after filling their homes with plastic...

Tuesday5th Feb 2019