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Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! Review

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Put some putt in your strut

The second 3D golf title to hit the eShop, Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! offers a miniaturized approach compared to its counterpart Let’s Golf! 3D, but promises at least three times the level of exclamation points. A close cousin to the pricier WiiWare game Fun! Fun! Minigolf, this title delivers short, simple courses filled with hazards, hills and bumpers, as well as the occasional loopty-loop. There are some well-implemented touch controls here, but the 3D effect is quite forgettable, while the variety of challenges starts to wear a little thin after the first few cup competitions are completed.

Shots are aimed using the stylus, with the bottom screen displaying a top-down view of the golf tee, allowing you to rotate the club around it to change direction of the ball. Pulling back further on the club increases the power of the shot, and as you hold the stylus on the screen a dot moves left and right over the ball, with the goal being to release the club when it’s over the centre for best accuracy.

Before taking your shot, you can view the small course from the side, scrolling along to see upcoming hazards. This is a welcome feature, but the inability to zoom out or rotate around the course is odd. When setting up your shot, the game positions the camera behind you, stretching the course straight ahead and allowing you to view it from three levels of zoom. Sometimes your character’s noggin is in the way, and other times parts of the course simply cannot be seen. If it allowed better camera control, it would be far easier to understand the layout of each course, which is quite important in a hazard-filled minigolf game.

The variety of the holes is decent at first. You’ll zig-zag the ball off walls, carefully navigate hills to gain curvature around corners and even send the ball off ramps over out-of-bounds territory. The difficulty, strangely, does not gradually increase as you progress through each cup, but sometimes throws up wildly difficult challenges in the middle, and then perhaps an easy hole-in-one to finish off the course. It eventually starts rehashing the same hazards, only slightly tweaking the layout, and this can cause the courses to run together a bit. Still, they remain different enough to offer a decent challenge.

There is a lot of trial-and-error needed to figure out the best way to approach each hole, and the game isn’t really structured to allow it. In many cases, it’s your very first swing that dictates the score, and if you can’t bounce off walls and avoid hazards just right, you end up out-of-bounds and repeatedly restarting from the tee. If you could practice individual holes of a cup to learn the right tactics before working through the whole course, the experience would be far more enjoyable. Say you want to master the seventh hole of the Asia Pro Cup: you have to first complete the six previous holes, and then try to recall what it was you did wrong all those shots back. If you can't, you’ll end up with a triple bogey and have to restart the cup from the beginning for another attempt.

The better your score on each hole, the more money you win, which is used in the shop to buy more courses, purchase three additional ‘trickshot’ challenges and unlock other features like special clubs, retro 8-bit sound effects or the ability to play as your Mii. The latter is quite welcome, as the male and female stock characters are not much to look at. If you prefer to remain fashion conscious as you golf, you can also customize the clothes adorning your character.

Unlocking the next course eventually becomes quite expensive, so you might want to purchase some trickshot courses sooner rather than later. These are relatively cheap and allow you to quickly score lots of cash by sending the ball through pockets of coins spread across a single hole. You can even buy more attempts per play in the shop, which proves useful due to the large bonus you get for collecting all the coins before you run out of attempts.

The overall presentation is simple but polished, with gasps emanating from the speakers should you come close to a hole-in-one and cheers for good shots. The 3D is rather underused, with broad overview angles that fail to really create any 3D-worthy visuals. If the game had some more creative camera angles or allowed you better control over the view, the effect could have been more impressive. As it is, it doesn't feel much different with the effect turned on or off.

The lack of any sort of multiplayer is also disappointing, as it would have been great to engage in some pass-and-play competition or compete against local or online opponents. Such features would have made plugging along to earn money and advance to the next cup a lot more fun and engaging. Instead, you have to replay the same holes over and over by yourself in order to advance.


Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! is not very deep, but that is to be expected of a minigolf game selling for $4.99/£4.50. For that low entry price you still get a polished, easy to control golf game with short, quickly consumable challenges that lend themselves nicely to portable hardware. The odd camera angles and stagnant views you are forced to use are a bit irritating, and the inability to replay single holes of a course or practice a shot is a missed opportunity. Still, this title offers 9 courses, three trick shot challenges and some interesting unlockable features, so even without a multiplayer mode there is still a lot to explore.

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User Comments (19)



Cipher said:

I'm very surprised at the somewhat disappointing reviews this is getting (in my opinion). I'm having a lot of fun with it and I honestly thought it'd be better received.



Chris720 said:

I'd give it at least a 7 myself. The game is rather enjoyable and good for a 5-minute putting after you've 'finished' the game, but there isn't much content... :/

The asking price is rather high for this game, but it is worth it if you're into minigolf.



Mok said:

I'll pass then, sadly. I was hoping this would be better.



Burning_Spear said:

I've found this to be fun (fun!!!). I thought the Wii Ware version was good too. Yeah, there are some camera quirks, but they're largely harmless. It's definitely good for 10 or 15 minutes of pick up and play. But like Patrick says, once you master the courses, there's not much left to do.



BenAV said:

Good review.
A 6/10 is exactly what I expected for this.
It isn't a terrible game, but hole designs are a bit bland, the latter holes are just slightly more difficult versions of the earlier ones and there's nothing much interesting to have you coming back after quickly finishing everything the first time.
There are much better titles out there on the eShop.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I remember reading on here that one course is the same as the WiiWare version whereas the rest are new. None of them are new, unless you count sticking some blue triangles on the holes as new. Bit disappointed with my purchase. Game feels incredibly cheap.



BlueToad said:

I thought it would get a 6 or 7...
I might still get it because I just want a game I can easily pick up and play.



AVahne said:

I think I'll wait for their next 3DSWare game then. I've read other reviews talking about the bland course designs. This MIGHT be a buy later on since it's only $5, but it's definitely not a must-buy eShop game for me. At least they made Nano Assault awesome.



Samholy said:

5 dollars only? this reminds me some people bough SteelDiver for cough 40 dollars cough
Dont expect a retail title content when its so cheap !
Ill consider getting it in the next weeks, can prove to be simple quick fun in the bus for a few days.



Burning_Spear said:

@Samholy: 5 dollars only? this reminds me some people bough SteelDiver for cough 40 dollars cough

Yeah, I got Steel Diver for $5 new at Best Buy during the holiday sales. That's NOT a $5 game. Definitely tons more content in that game.



chewytapeworm said:

I love mini-golf, but I'll only part with my hard-earned if a mini-golf game had more than double of the 81 or so holes this one has to offer. Don't know why but 81 holes seems a little light on content, no matter how decent the visuals seem...




Great revw but disagree with score and some people's comments. It truly is fun and relaxing game. Only midly frustrating in some incidences. Nice-ish holes and u can play as your ridiculously costructed or QR scanned Miis (like Spider-man and Darth Vader). Good customisation and good visuals. Not as good as most of the 3DSware titles so far but I'd recommend it personally. Going to DL in the WiiWare version as I feel its an underrated game.



bhornburg said:

This game is actually really fun, and looks fantastic. I am also surprised at the low review scores it's receiving, but to each his own.

The controls are great, the short holes are great for on-the-go play time. For $5 you get a great mini-golf game. I really recommend this for 3ds owners looking for a game similar to the Flick Golf! games on iphone/android.



SirQuincealot said:

the reason they put a easy hole at the end of mini golf courses is so people dont take there balls after they miss the first 3 strokes, i its easy they take one swing and almost by accident get a hole in one, and hen they realize there ball is locked in the final hole only retrievable by staff, its actually kind of cool, that they did this in a video game, it adds more realism to the game

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