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Thu 29th Mar 2012

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bhornburg commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

@Dr_Lugae I have to agree with you sir. Not only what you stated above in reference to protecting their copyrights, but the fact he's placed this poster around Seattle, which is the US headquarters for Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, right before a huge influx of people are in town for PAX. How could Nintendo let something like this slide right under their nose? Nintendo's greatest asset is their IP, and no one (except perhaps Disney) owns characters that have such potential to simply "print money" by associating them with a product. I think the amount of the fine is excessive, but it's probably meant as a message that their IP is "hands off" unless you're careful about making sure your usage adheres to "fair use" practices.



bhornburg commented on Review: Strike Force Foxx (3DS eShop):

I agree with this review. I loooooved choplifter when I was a kid (had it on my Apple II+), this game brings back that nostalgia for a little while. But the bare bones presentation and lack of a ramp in difficulty or variety made me lose interest in this one pretty quick.



bhornburg commented on AiRace Xeno:

Is this really a racing game? I don't see the ship racing anyone.



bhornburg commented on Smash Bowling 3D:

Wow, this looks like a real bowling game! I sure hope it plays as good as the videos make it look.



bhornburg commented on First Impressions: Yoshi's New Island:

This game looks nasty. I hope they're listening to all of the press on this note. I pretty much buy all 1st part 3ds games, but there is something horribly wrong with this art style that makes me want to gouge my eyes out.



bhornburg commented on Review: Samurai G (3DS eShop):

This game is at least a 5/10, as it blows away the snore inducing Bird Mania 3d by a mile. The art is great and the gameplay has a bit of depth to it. Actually having a health bar is kinda cool for an endless runner, and collecting coins to fuel your invulnerability power is a nice game mechanic, even if it is implemented rather poorly here. Sadly, the game suffers from some poor design choices and a general lack of polish in regards to the controls and player messaging.

However, you could do a lot worse for an endless runner on the 3ds. If you're really interested in this game, I would read some of the other online reviews. This review seems to have been written more to entertain than to inform.



bhornburg commented on Review: Rising Board 3D (3DS eShop):

@Bazly I have to agree with you, Bazly. This game is really the first DSi/3DS "infinite runner" type game that I'm really addicted to. The graphics are outstanding, the controls are great, and all you have to do is flap you wings to lands safely most of the time. You have an achievement to try to get each run, you have bonuses for doing requested tricks, you get a higher score based on the length of your run, you earn in game currency to buy and upgr

I really recommend this to anyone that has $3 to spare. I'm really surprised NL gave that Bird Mania 3d game such a high score and this one a middling one. I was blown away at how boring and bare Bird Mania was, a sub-standard game in this genre to say the least. Rising Board 3d outshines it in almost every respect.



bhornburg commented on Cave Story eShop Release Date Confirmed:

Well frack, I just picked up the DSi version on the eShop. Sounds like it's the same game, but still pisses me off it costs the same, but will A)actually fill up the screen and b) be in 3d.




bhornburg commented on Review: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Game Boy):

huge Warioland fan, I can't wait for the north american release. Also, when the heck is Warioland 4 (or other GBA games) going to finally be released for purchase on the eShop?!!? C'mon Nintendo, I have money I want to give you for these!!! hook us up!



bhornburg commented on Review: Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (3DS eShop):

This game is actually really fun, and looks fantastic. I am also surprised at the low review scores it's receiving, but to each his own.

The controls are great, the short holes are great for on-the-go play time. For $5 you get a great mini-golf game. I really recommend this for 3ds owners looking for a game similar to the Flick Golf! games on iphone/android.



bhornburg commented on Review: Zombie Slayer Diox (eShop):

ugh, I bought this on an impulse buy when I saw it drop in the shop, and almost immediately regretted it. the music is horrible (i thought it was going to be real heavy metal), and I agree with the review above's simply not fun to play. also, they were so lazy with the graphics...the background and characters are all "flat" on the same layer, so it barely looks 3d. Wish I had known UFO interactive was such a terrible publisher. Never not buy this, it's a waste of $6.