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Posted by Jacob Crites

Cleaning up animal excrement just got a whole lot more exotic

If My Exotic Farm teaches us anything, it's that picking up animal poop isn't any more fun in Africa than it is in America. And yet, it isn't any less fun either. So while it may simply be My Farm with a new lick of paint, My Exotic Farm still may be worth a look for those who missed out on its predecessor.

For the uninitiated, the My Farm games are strategic little farm simulators in the same vein as Farmville and We Farm. Your uncle Bob, in a shocking twist, has had a rare stroke of Double Death — he died in the first game, and he's somehow gone and died again in this one — and you luckily gain his inheritance. To follow in his footsteps you use his last few coppers to run and maintain your own farm.

Of course this is easier said than done, and it takes a bit of level-headed thinking if you're going to make any money off of it. At first you'll have to spend the bulk of your cash on buying animals (the assortment of which now includes more exotic creatures like lions and hippopotami) and, subsequently, buying food to keep them alive. It won't be long, though, before your investments start paying off. Parrots, for example, produce feathers which you can trade for cash, and you can sell back your fattened-up animals for more than you paid. It's a smart but simple system that essentially divides your animals into two groups: keepers and sellers. It takes a bit of time, but with a little patience you'll have an expansive farm with a steady cash flow.

In addition to preventing your animals from starving to death, you'll also have to make them happy. Other than feeding them, the main way to do this is by keeping the little guys and their environments clean, whether by using the broom to sweep up steaming piles of animal dung (if only if it was really that simple) or by giving them a good scrub now and then, both of which are done with the touch screen.

Although the selection of animals is expectedly more exotic, the drab, African desert setting makes it less visually interesting than its predecessor. This unfortunate dreariness comes from a rather limited colour palette and the poor use of its psuedo-3D pre-rendered animals. The creatures had potential to be cute and expressive, but instead they look like odd little plastic figurines who occasionally blink and wince when they poop. The sound doesn't fare much better, consisting of one song and several immediately irritating and endlessly looping animals noises.

One of the nicer aspects of the game is the ability to quickly and easily trade animals and produce with friends via local wireless, and that thankfully includes owners of the original My Farm. This is actually a rather neat feature, as it means you'll be able to potentially obtain animals that you couldn't otherwise have, like pigs, cows and chickens. It's a shame that this is limited to local wireless, because online trading without friend codes would have quickly turned this from a good game to a great one.


There's not much to say about My Exotic Farm that hasn't been said in our review of the original, because really, it's the same game — but, exotic. If you missed out on the first My Farm, then you might want to take a look at this simple-yet-satisfying sim. Since this is really nothing more than a new paint job, though, fans of the first game have little incentive to re-invest.

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Golgo said:

For a brief moment I read that as Erotic Farm, thinking Nintendo reaching out to a whole new demographic.



antdickens said:

@Golgo, that would certainly fit into their 'blue ocean' concept. I guess this fits into the FarmVille style of player market, but doesn't look exceptional at what it is. Good review Jacob



lex0plex said:

erotic farm... now we just need a sequel on the wii and we can get right into it



LuWiiGi said:

Another game developer that tries to make extra money by repackaging a game.



EdEN said:

I bought My Farm since for $2 it seemed like a fun game. I liked it enough that I will download this tonight. So far all the games from BiP Media are in my DSi so keep them coming!



EdEN said:

And to those saying it's the same game as My Farm just with different animals, some don't seem to have a problem with paying $60 for Madden every time there's a rooster change for the new year.



Chris720 said:

Wow this looks... uhm... really... boring...

Why would I find cleaning up some animals poop fun? And why would I want to feed a virtual animal that I can't even pet?

Please keep these farm sims to a minimum please. They plain suck.

@EdEN Same with Call of Duty too right? Same game but with new guns and story... YAY!



YoshiSage said:

Woo hoo. A simulator for the crap that I'm forced to do IRL on weekends. Well, at least the shoveling dog crap part. Pass.



akacesfan said:

If Farmville was boring for me, what makes BIP Media think I'm going to enjoy this overpriced clone?



Kyloctopus said:

That's your opinion, but last time I recall My Farm is the second most popular app becides the free ones



egrane said:

if you can't tolerate picking up virtual poop, think twice about birth,adoption, working around anything live that poos-stay in your parents basement. no life for you!



SunnySnivy said:

If you want a farming game go with Harvest Moon. I've played some other ones and none compare to Harvest Moon.



k17alaaro said:

Great Review! I decided to get the game. I thought that it very interesting because it felt you were running a real farm. They also put in a bonus item fun colors where your animals can be real funny neon type of colors.



Crazybrain1 said:

I regret purchasing this.
At first it was fun, but then you find out you can only have 20 animals in the farm at once.
So now I have 19 zebras and 1 bird.
and all I can do is feed them and clean them.

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