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Tue 20th Dec 2011

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k17alaaro commented on Review: 101 Dolphin Pets (DSiWare):

@Zach: Awesome review Zach! I was not sure if I should purchase this game along with the 101 Shark pets but it seems that it is a very fun and interesting game thanks to your review



k17alaaro commented on Review: My Exotic Farm (DSiWare):

Great Review! I decided to get the game. I thought that it very interesting because it felt you were running a real farm. They also put in a bonus item fun colors where your animals can be real funny neon type of colors.



k17alaaro commented on Review: Plants vs. Zombies (DSiWare):

Thanks for the review I decided to buy it and it turned out pretty good. Although it was very disappointing that they took out the zen garden and survival. It got really boring after a while just playing the adventure.