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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Go fish

When Hudson released the original My Aquarium on WiiWare two years ago, it not only quickly made it to the highest reaches of the WiiWare charts but managed to hang around the top three for well over a year. Now, Hudson is trying to capture lightning in a bottle again with the release of My Aquarium 2. While there are a few new additions to the game, however, they ultimately don't seem to add enough to the overall experience to warrant a completely new purchase.

Those who've played the original release will feel right at home with this sequel in terms of its set-up and functions. You're given eight aquariums to customise and fill with all kinds of marine life and decorations. When you start out, you'll only have a select few fish to choose from, but you'll soon have access to huge varieties of aquatic creatures from which to choose. Hudson is even making additional downloadable content available a little later on to add more variety to the mix.

Stocking the tank requires nothing more than pointing and clicking to put things into place. You can choose where on the ground to place objects, add bubbles and various coloured lights and choose the flooring and background styles to enhance it to your liking. And with eight aquariums to fill, you'll have plenty of freedom with which to create your own unique fish tanks. The game even taps into the Forecast Channel and will adjust the lighting and conditions based on the weather in your area.

Once you've got everything in place, you can then maintain the aquarium, not to mention sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. This means feeding the fish using the different types of food on hand. Different fish require different food, and you'll have to figure out what your particular pets like to keep them happy and swimming around. You'll even be able to share your aquarium creations with registered Wii friends via the WiiConnect24 function.

The developers have done a nice job of giving the look and sound of the tanks a decent amount of realism. Sure, the fishes' movements are a bit jerky at times and the sound effects sometimes seem a bit artificial, but given the file size limitations of the WiiWare service, what they were able to include is still fairly impressive. The music is adequate, but we tended to get a much better sense of realism by muting it and simply listening to the relaxing rushing water and bubbling sound effects.


My Aquarium 2 never strays too far from the formula that made it so popular the first time around, choosing instead to toss in a couple of new features and a host of new goodies to play around with and calling it a day. While this is likely to please fans of the original, it doesn't seem like enough of an upgrade to convert those who passed on the first WiiWare offering.

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lockelocke said:

Yo Mr. Dillard!
I got a bundle of questions. Not really a bundle. Like a handful.
Is there new music? Are there new objects to decorate your tank with? I had heard that the sequel was going to include the ability to import fish from the first game; Was this included?
Okay, so 3 questions.



Dodger said:

Just one question.

If somebody was going to get one or the other of these games, which would you recommend?

(not that I am going to. )



lockelocke said:

In the first one you could only have like 4 or 5 aquariums, the sequel lets you have 8. So I'd say the sequel.



Klapaucius said:

If I didn't already have My Aquarium, I'd probably get this. Something for the future if I ever get bored of the fish I have, I guess.



Golgo said:

My fish have starved to death and/or died of fin-rot ages ago.
What a dreadful waste of time and money.



Fuzzy said:

Doesn't look too bad. Might be good to have running in the backround whilst I'm doing something else. Then again, maybe not.



Dazza said:

@mariofanatic128 Reviews have to take into account the target audience. Obviously this is aimed at the causal market. Perhaps parents with small kids. If we brutally dismissed all of the causal games/apps on the Wii then we'd have a lot of negative reviews!



NGpenguin said:

looks cool. but i cant get it. wifi dosent reach my house. to bad the wii inst portable like the dsi then i could sneak in someones yard and use wifi on my wii 0 0



GotWii said:

You have got to be kidding a 7?
The first one I have and it is just plain bad! For a fish tank sim to be worth it, it needs realism which neither of these 1 or 2 versions have.
This is crap it was popular because people like fish, it was cheep $5, and with the name Hudson you would think you would have quality, No No No! My Windows 95 screen saver had more realism than these do.



bioniccheese said:

in my opinion ZENQUARIA beats both this and the prequel in terms of realism- especialy in the movement of the fish.most obvious example is the plants which in MA 1 and 2 are flat images,compared to the rendered ones in zenquaria.STILL I UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WHO PREFER MA FOR ITS DIVERSITY OF OPTIONS-if you like customizing your aquarium over realism MA is the better choice.i should note that i downloaded zenquaria and none of the MAs,but i did so because of my impressions from gameplay movies of both.

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