With Super Mario Maker 2 offering a huge palette of options for creating your very own 2D Mario levels, you might be wondering if Nintendo plans on making a 3D counterpart. It would seem unlikely due to the complexity of 3D game design, but it appears that PS4 user PieceofCraft has beaten Nintendo to the punch and is well on the way to fashioning a 3D Mario game of his own.

As reported by our sister site Push Square, the video below showcases a familiar-looking Mario running around a test environment in the Early Access version of PlayStation 4 sandbox creation game Dreams. Of course, using Dreams to create new renditions of games is nothing new (we've seen some incredibly impressive results involving Banjo-Kazooie and Star Wars), but the dedication to replicating Mario's physics in this latest effort is extremely impressive. Check out the video at the link below:

The video shows Mario's moves and physics from Super Mario 64 (and subsequent games) recreated with incredible accuracy. Obviously, the proof would be in actually playing and 'feeling' how the plumber controls, but from the footage alone, PieceofCraft has done an extraordinary job of nailing how Mario moves. It's not perfect - the animation's a little bouncier than the genuine article - but this is perhaps the best replication we've seen, and it includes virtually all of his moves, including his triple jump, ground pound and long jump.

Previous efforts have looked brilliant, but as fans of OG 2D Sonic can tell you, if the physics and movement don't 'feel' right, you may as well be playing a different game. It appears that Media Molocule's game - if we can even call it that - gives users unprecedented control over their creations. Given enough time, the sky's the limit!

MarioDreams© PieceofCraft-brian

Do you think you'd have the skill and patience to replicate Mario's physics with this level of accuracy? Do you spot anything that could do with improving? Let us know with a comment below.

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