While we here at Nintendo Life have already shared our thoughts on our hands on experience playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, our friends over at GameXplain have a few additional treats to share with us. One such treat is the confirmation of Palutena's Guidance returning to the series.

As you know, Palutena's Guidance was an easter egg present in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U in which characters from Kid Icarus: Uprising would chat about various fighters present while playing on Palutena's Temple stage.

While every fighter had a unique conversation about them, DLC fighters did not receive the same treatment, instead getting a generic "be cautious" conversation. However, now all fighters have unique conversations about them. While most characters have recycled conversations, so far we know at least Link has an entirely new conversation, with the reasoning being Link being a different incarnation than the previous Smash Bros. Link. You can check out the Palutena's Guidance on King K Rool in the video above or for Daisy by clicking here.

Unfortunately, it appears that Snake's codecs have not returned with new conversations. Additionally, there is no information on if new DLC fighters will also receive unique conversations.

Are you excited on the return of this easter egg? Drop us a comment on what you'd like to see for the new fighters!

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