Poké-fans may well lovingly remember the huge Snorlax plush from a couple of years back which could double up as a bed if you wished, instantly becoming one of the must-have items of the time, and now we have another one to join the crew, too.

Introducing the wonderfully named 'Absolutely Ridable Lapras':

The Absolutely Ridable Lapras plush stands at 117cm tall by 115cm wide and, as you can see from the images above, Bandai has promised fans that people of all ages can now fulfil their childhood dream of riding on Lapras, just like Ash in the anime.

If you'd like to get your hands, and entire body, on your very own Lapras, you can pre-order one here. It is scheduled to start shipping in July 2018, can only be shipped within Japan, and will cost 79,400 yen (approximately a staggering £540 / $750).

So, is anyone else forgetting about this month's rent to snag an absolutely ginormous Lapras? Let us know down below.

[via p-bandai.jp, nintendosoup.com]