If you've ever wanted to control a tiny pug as he jumps over boxes, platforms, and spikes whilst collecting little, spinning pug-head tokens, today is the day for you.

The creator of Turbo Pug, a game previously released on Steam with thousands of glowing reviews to its name, has confirmed that Turbo Pug DX will be heading to Nintendo Switch. The game is a casual runner with difficult, random, procedurally generated levels. Players have to keep an eye out for random weather types such as lightning which can give your pug a nasty zap, and you are able to collect new costumes and characters to play as.


Whilst there is no confirmed release date just yet, the Turbo Pug founder went on to say that they are going to do their best for "an ASAP 2018 Switch release." Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to see what all the fuss is about.

Are you ready for a new, cheap and cheerful runner to take with you on the go? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[via twitter.com]