The Lost Vikings was an amazing 2D puzzler platformer for the SNES which arguably has never been bettered, despite the passage of time. If you're a fan of this classic title then you'll be pleased to know that a Steam release that has been dubbed the spiritual successor to the Silicon & Synapse (now Blizzard) 1992 romp is coming to the Switch later this year.

Grave Danger allows you to control three different characters - Elliot the wizard, Dante the cowboy and Malice the Grim Reaper - to explore a 2D environment, solving puzzles and taking down enemies. A Co-op mode is included, too. As you can see from the trailer, it's very close to The Lost Vikings in terms of gameplay, which already makes us excited.

Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition is expected to arrive on Switch in Q3 this year. Interested? Let us know with a comment.