Arriving at the start of this year, Pokémon Duel landed on iOS and Android to give Western gamers another mobile game to consider. It was essentially the localisation of Pokémon Co-master, offering a smart, strategic board game-style title that also had its share of flaws; that's what we thought in our review, anyway.

Like various other mobile titles it's continually updated and adjusted, and The Pokémon Company has outlined a sizeable update that's now rolled out; details are below.

  • Room match customization: Trainers can define their own match rules
  • Halls: Halls have their own set of rules that vary from the regular league match rules and Halls will be periodically rotated
  • Team-based matches: Players will be able to periodically join one of three teams during certain events and win rewards based on their team’s performance
  • Higher level caps: A new item allows your Pokémon figure’s level cap to be raised from 5 to 10
  • Mega Evolutions: Makes your Pokémon figures even more powerful
  • Shiny Pokémon: Uniquely colored Pokémon to add to your collection

Are any of you tempted to try this out on your mobile?