Nintendo has been eager to emphasize that the Switch is accessible and supportive for developers, highlighting tools available and support for the likes of Unity and Unreal Engine 4. For developers of varying sizes, official compatibility with up-to-date and widely used development tools is a major factor in any decision to develop or port games.

Switch does support Unreal Engine 4, but its official implementation in the broadly available toolset isn't quite 100% yet. In good news, though, the most recent update to version 4.15 not only adds a host of general improvements, but adds 'experimental' support for the Switch; the finalised toolset for Switch development in the engine is planned to roll-out with the next full update.

Nintendo Switch Unreal.png

We have partnered with Nintendo to help Unreal Engine 4 developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch!

We have added early support for developing games for the Nintendo Switch console. It is still considered experimental in this release. We plan for it to be in a shippable state in the next release.

It's important to note that some developers have already been working on Switch projects with the Unreal Engine, with the image above highlighting Snake Pass, which is coming to the console in late March; they'll have likely been receiving extra support from Nintendo and the Unreal Engine team. With Switch support now going live in the latest publicly available update, to be then formally shipped beyond the 'experimental' phase in the next update, more developers should be able to jump into Switch development using the engine.

It's a positive move - the easier it is for developers to work with the Nintendo Switch, the better the odds of a full, diverse library of games on the system.

With thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.