Its been about six weeks since the NES Classic Edition and its Japanese counterpart - the Classic Mini Family Computer - were released. While there have been a few complaints, mostly about the lack of expandability, short cables and especially the short supply, those who did manage to get one - or both - have been fairly pleased. Along the way there have been a few peripherals announced for the NES Classic Edition that have caused some excitement. There have also been several in Japan that have recently seen release that may be of interest to those with a penchant for importing.


There have been several guidebooks, most notably from Famitsu, the most popular gaming mag in Japan. Of course there are in-depth reviews and memories of the 30 games included in the Mini Famicom, but there's more. The magazine includes scale sized cut-outs to make your own cartridges to "play" on the Mini Famicom. There's also a Family Basic keyboard, Disk System and disks as well. Its a fun little way to get over the fact that you'll never be able to use any original carts on the machine.


If that isn't enough to satisfy your retro needs, an actual Famicom Disk System Mini was released by accessory maker Columbus Circle on 1st January, 2017! Now, don't get too excited, it will never play games on your Mini Famicom, but is a simple and convenient storage box for your HDMI and power cables when you're not playing. It fits perfectly under the Mini Famicom, and for many fans it just feels right this way.


Last but not least, a portable monitor has been released by GeChic, which if you have a portable battery means you can take your Mini Famicom (or any HDMI machine) with you on the go. Its also coloured red and white to match the colour scheme of the Mini Famicom. The monitor is 11.6 inches in size and weighs about 500 grams, so it's pretty easy to take with you.

The monitor costs 37,000 yen and the Disk System Box costs 980 yen. If you are in Japan, or like to import, these items can make your Mini Famicom experience complete. To see these items in action, take a look at the video below.

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