For most players Pokémon GO is a game that adds extra fun to walks and journeys, picking up new 'mon as you find fresh spots in which to engage in some augmented reality. It's also developed a strong community of players that meet up and play together, so the social element is key to its ongoing popularity.

Some players blend all of that good stuff and add a dose of extra enthusiasm, however, to catch 'em all. Hawaii-based Robert R. Wallace has caught all available 'mon son far - 145 - through a mix of travelling, social play at Pokéstops, and some hard work in hatching a lot of eggs. He's picked up 'mon that are supposed to be exclusive to certain continents through hatching eggs, though he did travel to California to grab Tauros.

In a nice touch, Wallace has told Gamnesia that he plans to give away his best 'mon to young players in his area once the trading features are brought into the app.

He's not the only player that loves the game this much (BBC has reported on a UK gamer that's caught 'em all) and over the weeks there have been plenty of reports of fans that have travelled in pursuit of 'mon and even left their jobs. Once trading is added that likely won't be necessary for those trying to fill out their Pokédex.

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