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Weirdness: How to Order Earthbound-Themed Japanese Old Folks' Undergarments

Posted by Karen Halloran

Headline may be somewhat misleading

They may not be a must-have item for Lolita fashion, but the uniquely Japanese undergarment called haramaki has shed its reputation of being for grandparents only and enjoyed a resurgence of popularity among the young and fashionable in the last decade or so. A haramaki, or belly warmer, is a sweater-like garment designed to provide extra warmth to the wearer's midsection, pictured in its full waist-hugging glory here:

Noted iconoclast and Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi's company Hobonichi has teamed up with Nintendo to offer three video-game themed haramaki in Hobonichi's summer catalogue: one featuring everyone's favourite plumber, with the other two designs starring Earthbound's Mr. Saturn either alone or stacked.

In case the beer, pretzels and steady march to middle age and beyond haven't left you with adequate midsection insulation or you just think it would make a darling gift, English instructions on how to order are here and actual ordering takes place on Hobonichi's online shop.

Hey, at least it's something Mother related available to the west. Let's bellyache in the comments!


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LittleIrves said:

Go to the actual Japanese store sight and check out the stitching on the Mario one... amazing.



PKpunky said:

Maybe it's a sign or a hint or a message or a tease!!! Ahhhh Mother 3!?



Auracle said:

That does seem kinda neat and I do get cold easily...
I'm just not sure how I'd explain it, though!
Person: What's that you're wearing?
Me: It's a Mr. Saturn haramaki.
Person: ...Wut?



2Sang said:

I like the quirky nintendo products japan makes. They need to make them in NOA too, even items like this belly warmer would sell simply because its nintendo themed.

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