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Video: The Demon Legion Look Fiendish In This New Swords & Soldiers 2 Walkthrough

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Still due this year

Swords & Soldiers II isn't just a sequel to one of the best WiiWare games, but is also lined up to be a Wii U eShop exclusive. Ronimo Games seems to be going all out to deliver a top-notch experience, too.

The developer is currently showing the game off at Gamescom in Cologne, and has also released a new video to showcase the second of three tribes that'll feature in the game; the Demon Legion will be lining up against the Vikings. They look full of character, and the new commentary video below walks us through a skirmish between the Legion and Vikings, showing a range of new units and magic attacks.

Check it out below, while you can also get our perspective on this title in our own first impressions and video walkthrough — Swords & Soldiers II is due for release later in 2014.

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DefHalan said:

It looks like they are using buttons... will there still be touch screen controls?



rjejr said:

Yeah!! So looking forward to this one.

Nintendo should have put this Wii U exclusive in their rather than Art Academy.



Iggly said:

Dang, this looks even more fun than the original. Also that new class seems like a stronger version of the Aztecs since I noticed some skills that seem familiar. Definitely picking this up when it releases.



Action51 said:


When I talk about indie games needing a strong, consistent, visually cohesive art style THIS is what I'm talking about!

You don't need ultra real, 3D high polygon graphics to make a beautiful game. I often prefer stylish, well animated art like we see in that demo.

I'm also glad to see them switch up the civilizations and add new units and gameplay elements.



Action51 said:


1) It is a Wii U exclusive
2) the HD upgraded version of Swords and Soldiers on the E-shop now allows touchscreen and Wii Mote options

I'm going to guess that it will. That's how I prefer to play S&S.



Mahemoth said:

Day 1 for sure! Looks a bit like rayman legends with the backgrounds, which I like.



Pillowpants said:

I see they've adopted the same artstyle they use in Awesomenauts. I absolutely love this style. This will be a day one purchase, more so, because Ronimo is a Dutch developer and I love supporting my local developers.



Razzle said:

Swords and Soldiers was terrific fun! This is a day 1 buy for me. I recommended anyone who hasn't played it to pick it up on WiiU (it's only a couple of bucks). Perfect for off-TV play and excellent fun!

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